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Greek Prime Minister Continues to Pursue World War II Reparations from Germany

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COMMENT: As dis­cussed in FTR #788, Ger­many has NOT reim­bursed Greece for the enor­mous dam­age wrought dur­ing World War II. Once again, that pur­loined wealth and the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work that was the vehi­cle for the rein­vest­ment of the Nazis’  World War II loot is cen­ter stage.

Greek Prime Min­is­ter Alex­is Tsir­pas is demand­ing that the mon­ey be repaid.

We can appre­ci­ate that many listeners/readers feel that our focus on the remark­able and alto­geth­er dead­ly Bor­mann net­work is mis­placed. That net­work and the Gold­en Lily wealth stolen by the Japan­ese from Asia are at the foun­da­tion of the glob­al econ­o­my.

(For a greater under­stand­ing of these dynam­ics, we rec­om­mend, among oth­er pro­grams, FTR #99.)

Stay tuned!

“Greece Has ‘Moral Oblig­a­tion’ to Claim Ger­man World War II Repa­ra­tions: PM” [Agence France Presse]; Yahoo News; 2/8/2015.

Greek Prime Min­is­ter Alex­is Tsipras said Sun­day the coun­try had a “moral oblig­a­tion” to claim repa­ra­tions from Ger­many for the dam­ages wrought by the Nazis dur­ing World War II.

Greece had “a moral oblig­a­tion to our peo­ple, to his­to­ry, to all Euro­pean peo­ples who fought and gave their blood against Nazism,” he said in a key address to par­lia­ment.

Berlin has already sound­ed a firm “no” to requests for repa­ra­tions near­ly 70 years after the end of the war, but Tsipras and his rad­i­cal left par­ty have vowed to tack­le the issue.

“Our his­tor­i­cal oblig­a­tion is to claim the occu­pa­tion loan and repa­ra­tions,” the new PM said, refer­ring to Ger­many’s four-year occu­pa­tion of Greece and a war-time loan which the Third Reich forced the Greek cen­tral bank to give it which ruined the coun­try finan­cial­ly.

Tsipras’s anti-aus­ter­i­ty Syriza par­ty claims Ger­many owes it around 162 bil­lion euros ($183 bil­lion) — or around half the coun­try’s pub­lic debt, which stands at over 315 bil­lion euros.

The issue risks aggra­vat­ing already strained ties between Athens and Berlin, as Tsipras bids to reverse aus­ter­i­ty mea­sures imposed by its inter­na­tion­al cred­i­tors.

The Nazi regime end­ed up bleed­ing Greece dry. The loan to the Third Reich was for 476 mil­lion Reichs­marks, which was val­ued at $8.25 bil­lion in a 2012 Ger­man Bun­destag low­er house of par­lia­ment report.


One comment for “Greek Prime Minister Continues to Pursue World War II Reparations from Germany”

  1. April 20th... Will the Krauts be smok­ing mar­i­jua­na (on Hitler’s birth­day) in cel­e­bra­tion of Greece’s default?

    Greece risks run­ning out of cash by April 20, scram­bles on reforms

    By By George Geor­giopou­los and Thorsten Sev­erin | Reuters – 14 hours ago

    By George Geor­giopou­los and Thorsten Sev­erin

    ATHENS/BERLIN (Reuters) — Greece risks run­ning out of cash by April 20 unless it secures fresh aid, a source famil­iar with the mat­ter told Reuters on Tues­day, leav­ing lit­tle time to con­vince skep­ti­cal cred­i­tors it is com­mit­ted to eco­nom­ic reform.

    After talks with EU lead­ers includ­ing Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Angela Merkel in the past week, Athens said it will present a pack­age of reforms to its euro zone part­ners by Mon­day in hope of unlock­ing aid and avoid­ing a messy default.

    “It will be done at the lat­est by Mon­day,” gov­ern­ment spokesman Gabriel Sakel­lar­idis told Mega TV.

    Posted by participo | March 24, 2015, 10:54 pm

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