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Anti-Semitism (“the Socialism of Fools”) in Evidence at Occupy Wall Street

COMMENT: Peo­ple around the world have much to be upset about with regard to the fail­ing glob­al econ­o­my, a cri­sis that was, to a con­sid­er­able extent, delib­er­ate­ly pre­cip­i­tat­ed [1].

Nonethe­less, the incli­na­tion to scape­goat Jews for the eco­nom­ic cri­sis [2] con­tin­ues to man­i­fest itself, includ­ing at “Occu­py Wall Street.” [3]

(We should note in pass­ing that this does not appear to be a sen­ti­ment shared by the major­i­ty of the even­t’s par­tic­i­pan­t’s and sup­port­ers. Note that the AFL-CIO mar­shaled [4] its forces to pro­tect some of the pro­test­ers from the police.)

Kalle Lasn and his AdBusters Mag­a­zine [5] have been seen as being the ini­ti­at­ing force behind “Occu­py Wall Street.”

In light of the back­ground  and anti-Semi­tism [6] of Lasn, the pos­si­bil­i­ty that the Under­ground Reich [7]may be  direct­ing the jus­ti­fi­able anger of cit­i­zens against the eco­nom­ic plun­der­ing that has beset the world against “the Jews” is not one to be too read­i­ly dis­missed.

Lasn is of Eston­ian extrac­tion [8].  The Baltic States have a strong fas­cist and anti-Semit­ic back­ground. (Lithua­nia became the world’s sec­ond fas­cist coun­try in 1925. [9]) Notice which direc­tion his fam­i­ly fled as the war ground down to a con­clu­sion!

Might Las­n’s busi­ness enter­pris­es be under­writ­ten by the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work? [10]

(A syn­op­tic account of the Bor­mann Orga­ni­za­tion is pre­sent­ed in FTR #305 [11].)

Exclu­sive-Inter­view with Kalle Lasn, Edi­tor-in-Chief at Adbusters Mag­a­zine” by Von David Eich­er; brainwash.webguerillas.de; 3/8/2007. [12]

EXCERPT: Kalle Lasn is the founder of Adbusters mag­a­zine and author of the books Cul­ture Jam and Design Anar­chy. He was born in Tallinn, Esto­nia, in 1942. In 1944, as the Russ­ian army approached Tallinn, his fam­i­ly escaped to Ger­many. When he was sev­en he immi­grat­ed to Aus­tralia where he was edu­cat­ed. His first job was at the Aus­tralian Defense Depart­ment where he played com­put­er-sim­u­lat­ed war games in the Pacif­ic Ocean. . . .

“Wall Street Protests Marred by Anti-Semi­tism” by Seth Weiss; New Jew­ish Resis­tance; 10/06/2011. [2]

EXCERPT: . . . The ini­tial call for the Sep­tem­ber 17th Wall Street demon­stra­tion came from the Cana­di­an-based AdBusters, an activist pub­li­ca­tion focused on “cul­ture jam­ming” and anti-con­sumerism, which once pub­lished a list of promi­nent neo-con­ser­v­a­tives with black dots placed adja­cent to the names of the Jew­ish ones. The list appeared as part of a March/April 2004 piece, enti­tled “Why won’t any­one say they are Jew­ish?” and writ­ten by AdBusters’ co-founder and edi­tor-in-chief Kalle Lasn, which alleges that neo-cons have a “spe­cial affin­i­ty for Israel” that shapes U.S. pol­i­cy in the Mid­dle East. Lasn, claim­ing to “tack­le the issue head on,” offers up “a care­ful­ly researched list” of “the 50 most influ­en­tial neo­cons in the US” and stress­es that “half of the them [sic] are Jew­ish.” (Ital­ics are mine–D.
E.). . . .

COMMENT:  Both the Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty and the Com­mu­nist Par­ty have endorsed the move­ment!

“Nazis and Com­mu­nists Throw Their Sup­port Behind Occu­py Wall Street Move­ment” by Jim Hoft; Gate­way Pun­dit; 10/15/2011. [13]
EXCERPT: . . .The fore­most author­i­ty on Nation­al Social­ism in Amer­i­ca has this to say about “Occu­py” [ANP leader Rocky Suhay­da ‑ed.] :

What is real­ly MISSING – is the “MOVEMENT” from these pop­u­lar protests – its time to pull WN heads out of their col­lec­tive ass’s, and JOIN IN the attack on Judeo-Cap­i­tal­ism. What do you sug­gest? That WN Work­ing Class White peo­ple DEFEND the Judeo-Cap­i­tal­ists? IF the “move­ment” wasn’t so PATHETIC it would be OUT THERE – LEADING these protests! The fact that its these “left­ies” as you call them, who are pick­ing up the ball and run­ning with it – only shows how much more in tune THEY are with the fed up mass­es of White Work­ers, than the fos­silized, reac­tionary “right-wing”. WHO holds the WEALTH and POWER in this coun­try – the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO is there­fore the #1 ENEMY who makes all this filth hap­pen – the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO there­fore do WN need to FIGHT? My heart is right there with these peo­ple, per­haps some­day the “move­ment” will SHOW the same COURAGE and DEDICATION that these peo­ple OUT THERE FIGHTING are SHOWING!

Sin­cere­ly, ROCKY SUHAYDA Hail Vic­to­ry! 88! . . .