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Just a Slip of the Tongue?

Comment: Chilean President Sebastian Pinera recently raised eyebrows by utilizing the old lyric Deutschland uber Alles, banned in Germany after the official collapse of the Third Reich.

The world’s first billionaire president, Pinera is Chile’s first right-wing leader since Pinochet, whose cabinet included Pinera’s father Jose.

Jose Pinera ” . . . is the architect of Chile’s private pension system based on personal retirement accounts. Piñera has been called ‘the world’s foremost advocate of privatizing public pension systems'[1] as well as ‘the Pension Reform Pied Piper’ (by the Wall Street Journal).[2] He was Secretary of Labor and Social Security, and Secretary of Mining, in the government of President Augusto Pinochet. He is now Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Washington, . . .”

Note that the Cato Institute was founded by the Koch brothers.

One can but wonder if Sebastian Pinera’s comment was truly just a slip of the tongue, or was it a winking reference to the Bormann capital network, deeply entrenched in Chile and elsewhere in Latin America? (Pinochet’s dictatorship made liberal use of Third Reich alumni in its program of repression.)

Might the Pineras–Junior and Senior–be part of the Underground Reich economic network?

“Chile President Apologises for Nazi Gaffe” [Reuters]; tvnz.co.nz; 10/26/2010.

Excerpt: Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has apologised for writing a message associated with Nazism in a German visitors log during his tour of Europe this month.

Pinera explained that he jotted “Deutschland uber alles” (Germany above all) without realising that it was part of a German national anthem discontinued after World War Two because of its associations with the Third Reich.

“I had no idea that the phrase could be linked to the country’s dark past, and so I regret and apologise for the situation,” said Pinera. . . .


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