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Legal Schnauzer: Bingo! Another “Suicide” in Sweet Home Alabama




COMMENT: In FTR #742, we exam­ined a num­ber of high­ly sus­pi­cious deaths linked to GOP pow­er pol­i­tics in Alaba­ma. Those deaths tracked back to two over­lap­ping inves­ti­ga­tions:

  • The polit­i­cal destruc­tion of for­mer Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alaba­ma gov­er­nor Don Siegel­man and his replace­ment by the con­sum­mate­ly, lethal­ly cor­rupt admin­is­tra­tion of GOP gov­er­nor Bob Riley.
  • The inves­ti­ga­tions into the activ­i­ties of con­vict­ed GOP lob­by­ist Jack Abramoff, who was involved with cor­rupt­ed Native-Amer­i­can gam­bling activ­i­ties in the state.

The storm swirling around Riley and asso­ciates tracks back to the polit­i­cal destruc­tion of Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alaba­ma gov­er­nor Don Siegel­man, who had con­trol over the records of George W. Bush’s Air Nation­al Guard record.

(Recall that Bush had been assigned to an Air Nation­al Guard base in Alaba­ma, and appears to have spent his time there pol­i­tick­ing on behalf of GOP can­di­dates. Had this dis­clo­sure got­ten the play it deserved, it would have denied Dubya a sec­ond term.  Siegel­man’s destruction–widely attrib­uted to the sin­is­ter, Machi­avel­lian Karl Rove–put the infor­ma­tion in the hands of a trust­ed GOP hack, Bob Riley. In Fam­i­ly of Secrets, Russ Bak­er details the maneu­ver­ing around Bush’s mil­i­tary records and the delib­er­ate destruc­tion of jour­nal­is­tic and polit­i­cal sources pur­su­ing the truth. Bak­er is inter­viewed about the book in FTR #‘s 711 through 716, 730, 743.)

Ray Cros­by, a defen­dant in the bin­go case, died on the eve of the case’s retri­al. “Anoth­er one bites the dust.”

“Death of a Bin­go Defen­dant Adds to Polit­i­cal Intrigue in Alaba­ma”; Legal Schnau­zer; 1/30/2012.

EXCERPT: Hav­ing lived as a pro­gres­sive through the Karl Rove era in Alaba­ma, this reporter is not eas­i­ly shocked. But when word start­ed spread­ing ear­ly yes­ter­day evening that a defen­dant had died on the eve of the Alaba­ma bin­go retri­al . . . well, that was a stun­ner.

Ray Cros­by, a for­mer leg­isla­tive ana­lyst in the Alaba­ma Leg­is­la­ture, was found dead in his Mont­gomery home yes­ter­day after­noon. He was one of sev­en defen­dants to be retried in the bin­go case, which was to kick off again today in Mont­gomery.

The first word I heard was that Cros­by com­mit­ted sui­cide, which would make him No. 5 on our list of sus­pi­cious “sui­cides” that have ties to Alaba­ma GOP pol­i­tics over the past two years. The strange-deaths list grows to six if you include the appar­ent beat­ing death of for­mer Bob Riley aide Zoa White in her Mobile home. And I’m not even includ­ing some appar­ent heart attacks of folks con­nect­ed to the bin­go case.

What do we know about the Cros­by death? Neal Vick­ers reports at examiner.com:

“One of sev­en defen­dants set to be tried again in the Alaba­ma bin­go cor­rup­tion case is dead. For­mer leg­isla­tive ana­lyst Ray Cros­by was found dead in his home late Sun­day after­noon.

Author­i­ties have not revealed a cause of death. The denial includes if it could have been from nat­ur­al caus­es. Mont­gomery police sim­ply say they are ‘con­duct­ing a death inves­ti­ga­tion’.” . . .


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