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More Information on Major Bashinsky’s “non Suicide”


COMMENT: Fol­low­ing up on FTR #742, the inci­sive blog Legal Schnau­zer has set forth still more evi­dence that Major Bashin­sky did NOT kill him­self. In addi­tion to the intel­li­gence-insult­ing descrip­tion of the cir­cum­stances of Bashin­sky’s death, it now turns out the World War II era pis­tol with which Major alleged­ly killed him­self is a high­ly unlike­ly choice of  a weapon. (Not not­ed by the Legal Schnau­zer blog is the fact that a .32 cal­iber weapon is not very pow­er­ful. It is a poor selec­tion of a weapon with which to kill one­self.)

“One Year Lat­er, the Death of Major Bashin­sky is Shroud­ed in Mys­tery”; Legal Schnau­zer; 2/28/2011.

EXCERPT: . . . For now, let’s con­sid­er the gun not­ed in the autop­sy report. (See a por­tion of the report below.) The report says the gun was a “Fab­rique Nationale Darmes (sic) De Guerre Her­stal Del­gique (sic), 32 cal. auto­mat­ic pos­tial (sic). Rounds in gun, 32 cal., CBC.” The report states that police found the weapon in the pond at Boswell/Highland Golf Course and “the gun had one round in the cham­ber and had five rounds in the mag­a­zine.”

It appears there are sev­er­al typos in this sec­tion of the report. It appears “Del­gique” should be “Bel­gique” because our research indi­cates the gun was made in Bel­gium. Also, it appears that “pos­tial” should be “pis­tol” and “Darmes” should be “D’Armes.”

I am not an expert on guns, but our research indi­cates this gun is from the World War II era and ear­li­er and now is a col­lec­tor’s item. The com­pa­ny that makes the gun dates to 1889 and devel­oped a long-stand­ing rela­tion­ship with firearms design­er John Brown­ing.

All of this rais­es numer­ous ques­tions that are not addressed in the autop­sy report, and based on news reports, have not been addressed by law enforce­ment offi­cers. Was Major Bashin­sky a gun col­lec­tor? Was he known to own such a firearm? If not, how did he come into pos­ses­sion of one? Is it rare for such a gun to be used in a suicide–or a homi­cide, for that mat­ter? . . .


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