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More Pro-Nazi B.S. from “The New York Times” With Regard to Ukraine and the Russia-Gate Psy-Op

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Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Pravy Sektor

COMMENT: In FTR #967, we highlighted an anti-Russian gambit by Trump’s spook point man for his Russian operations, in which he collaborated with a Pravy Sektor Ukrainian fascist named Andrii Artemenko. Designed to wean Ukraine off of the old Soviet electrical grid, thereby further distancing Ukraine from Russia, the project was anything but a “pro-Russian” conspiracy.

In FTR #’s 1022 and 1023, we highlighted Paul Manafort’s networking with Serhiy Lovochkin (also transliterated as Lyovochkin) and his sister in arranging the successful transition of Ukraine from the Russian into the Western orbit. Lovochkin and his sister appear to have been witting agents in the Maidan sniper provocation that led to the coup that brought the OUN/B successor organizations to the fore.

The presence of both Lovochkin (Lyovochkin) and Artemenko at Trump’s inauguration was spun by The New York Times as somehow connoting Russian collusion by Trump & company. The article–predictably failed to note Artemenko’s overt fascist affiliation, Lovochkin’s decisive role in the Maidan provocation and Sater’s profound intelligence connections.

“Curious Crush of Ukrainians at Inaugural” by Kenneth P. Vogel, Scott Shane, Mark Mazzetti and Julia Mendel; The New York Times [Western Edition]; p. A17.

. . . . Mr. Manafort relayed a request to have Mr. Kilimnik pass the polling data to two Ukrainian oligarchs who had arranged or provided financing for Russia-aligned Ukrainian political parties for which Mr. Manafort had worked. One of the oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin, attended the Liberty Ball, according to one person familiar with the guest list and another who saw him there. . . .

. . . . Other Ukrainians who came to Washington during the inauguration said prosecutors had been asking wide-ranging questions.

“I have been interrogated twice by the F.B.I. and Mr. Mueller,” said Andrii V. Artemenko, who came to the inauguration as a Ukrainian member of Parliament bearing a peace proposal that was later criticized as pro-Russian. . . .

. . . . Days after the inauguration, Mr. Artemenko traveled to New York to discuss his peace plan with Michael D. Cohen, who was then Mr. Trump’s lawyer, and a former business partner of the president’s, Felix H. Sater, who had helped Mr. Trump scout deals in Russia. Mr. Cohen subsequently hand-delivered the peace plan to Mr. Flynn a week before Mr. Flynn was forced to resign after being caught lying about his own discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador. . . .


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