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More Right-Wing Israeli Interface with Euro-Fascists

COMMENT: Anoth­er right-wing Israeli polit­i­cal con­tin­gent has reached out to Euro­pean fas­cists. Com­muning with Russ­ian fas­cists, the “Nation­al Uni­ty” bloc has impressed the leader of the Nation­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance, who feels the two groups have much in com­mon.

Fol­low­ing on the heels of an Iraeli deputy min­is­ter’s schmooz­ing with a promi­nent Swedish neo-fas­cist financier, Aryeh Eldad’s hob­nob­bing with Ilya Lazarenko per­pet­u­ates a dis­turb­ing pat­tern of Zionist/fascist inter­face dat­ing back to the pre-World War II peri­od.

“The Unholy Alliance: How Israeli Wingnuts Befriend­ed Russ­ian Hitlerophiles” by Sergey Romanov; Lit­tle Green Foot­balls; 7/14/2011.

EXCERPT: Russ­ian nation­al­ists met in Israel with a right-wing Zion­ists.

One of the lead­ers of Rus­si­a’s Nation­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance, who vis­it­ed Israel togeth­er with his col­leagues at the invi­ta­tion of reli­gious-right-wing Zion­ists, came to the con­clu­sion that the two polit­i­cal forces have a lot in com­mon ...

Since last week, in Israel there is a group of mod­er­ate [eth­nic] Russ­ian nation­al­ists from Rus­sia, arrived here at the invi­ta­tion of the reli­gious-right bloc “Ihud ha-Leu­mi” (“Nation­al Uni­ty”). The lead­ers of an inter­re­gion­al pub­lic asso­ci­a­tion of the Nation­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance (estab­lished in March 2010) made sev­er­al trips to the Holy Land, vis­it­ed the Knes­set, and the memo­r­i­al com­plex “Yad Vashem”. Fol­low­ing the vis­it, co-chair­man of the move­ment Ilya Lazarenko came to the con­clu­sion that the Russ­ian nation­al­ists and right-wing Zion­ists have much in com­mon. “We are very much in com­mon, and first of all — rejec­tion of vio­lent Islamism, which is a threat to civ­i­liza­tion — he said to the por­tal IzRus. — We also have some ide­o­log­i­cal over­lap asso­ci­at­ed with the objec­tives of nation-build­ing and its oper­a­tion.” . . .


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