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Munich Gunman “Worshipped Hitler”

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COMMENT: “Lone Nuts” håve been dri­ving much of the news cycle, gar­ner­ing much polit­i­cal atten­tion by peo­ple and insti­tu­tions deter­mined on min­ing the inci­dents for polit­i­cal cap­i­tal. The Trumpenkampfver­bande is an excel­lent exam­ple. The French Nation­al Front, the Alter­na­tive For Ger­many, the Swe­den Democ­rats and oth­ers ben­e­fit from the may­hem, which res­onates around the world.

Ini­tial­ly, Ali David Sonboly–the 1‑year-old killer of nine in Munich, Ger­many. Now, it turns out that he was of Nazi ori­en­ta­tion. It might be inter­est­ing to learn the name and asso­ci­a­tions and pos­si­ble polit­i­cal views (if any) of the unnamed weapons deal­er who used the dark web to sell the mur­der weapon to Son­boly.

It is inter­est­ing to observe that the “lone nuts” are not so “lone”! The truck dri­ver who crashed into a crowd at Nice was ini­tial­ly report­ed to be a lon­er and (not nec­es­sar­i­ly) a jihadist. Then accom­plices were arrest­ed and it does, in fact, seem as though he was, in fact, influ­enced by online “jihadism.”

Mic­ah H. John­son, after being report­ed as part of a team, was then dis­missed as a “lone nut.” It turns out that he was under the sway of the Nation of Islam and the New Black Pan­ther Par­ty, both hate-spew­ing, anti-Semit­ic black nation­al­ist groups.

The Baton Rouge (LA) shooter–Gavin Long–was a “Sov­er­eign Cit­i­zen” and also had report­ed links with the Nation of Islam.

Recall, also, that this “lead­er­less resis­tance” strat­e­gy was defend­ed by Cit­i­zen Green­wald when he was an attor­ney. Green­wald’s efforts pro­tect­ed advo­cates of this strat­e­gy against civ­il lia­bil­i­ty.

“Munich Gun­man Who Mur­dered Nine in Munich Wor­shipped Hitler and Saw It as an ‘Hon­our’ that They Shared the Same Birth­day” by Julian Robin­son; The Dai­ly Mail; 7/28/2016.

Munich gun­man Ali David Son­boly wor­shipped Adolf Hitler and saw it as an ‘hon­our’ that he shared the same birth­day as the Nazi leader, it has been revealed.

Son­boly, 18, shot nine peo­ple dead at a shop­ping cen­tre in the south­ern Ger­man city on Fri­day before turn­ing his hand­gun on him­self.

The Ger­man-Iran­ian con­sid­ered him­self ‘Aryan’ and had built up resent­ment against Arabs and Turks, who, it is claimed, bul­lied him at school.

It has now emerged that the teenag­er took the fact that he was born on the same day of the year as Hitler — April 20 — as an ‘hon­our’.

The Frank­furter All­ge­meine news­pa­per said he was a racist who held extreme right wing views about for­eign­ers and minori­ties. . . .

. . . . Police say the teenag­er was obsessed with mass killings — includ­ing Nor­we­gian rightwing fanat­ic Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 mas­sacre — and spent a year prepar­ing for the shoot­ing spree. . . .

“Ger­mans Arrest Sus­pect­ed Sup­pli­er of Gun to Munich Gun­man” by Ali­son Smale; The New York Times; 8/16/2016.

. . . . The police have arrest­ed a 31-year-old Ger­man man sus­pect­ed of sell­ing a gun and bul­lets to a teenag­er who killed nine peo­ple in a ram­page last month in Munich, which sent the city into a pan­icky lock­down amid fears of a ter­ror­ist attack.

The man was detained on Tues­day in the cen­tral Ger­man city of Mar­burg after being lured into a weapons deal with inves­ti­ga­tors and boast­ing that he had sup­plied the gun and ammu­ni­tion in the Munich ram­page, the author­i­ties said Tues­day. They said he had sold the gun to the teenag­er, Ali Son­boly, in May, and 350 bul­lets in July, four days before Mr. Son­boly com­mit­ted his crime.

Last week, Inte­ri­or Min­is­ter Thomas de Maiz­ière pro­posed tight­en­ing Germany’s already-strict gun laws, specif­i­cal­ly trac­ing “dark web” con­nec­tions.

On Tues­day, a pros­e­cu­tor in Frank­furt, Alexan­der Badle, said the arms deal­er, who was not named, had come to the atten­tion of spe­cial units fight­ing inter­net crime after he sold arms and ammu­ni­tion to a 62-year-old book­keep­er in North Rhine-West­phalia State, and to a 17-year-old high school­er in the state of Hesse.

Offi­cers who searched the bookkeeper’s home on July 27 found a pis­tol and ammu­ni­tion he had obtained in a weapons swap with the arms deal­er in June, Mr. Badle’s state­ment said.

A search of the 17-year-old’s home in ear­ly August turned up a rapid-fire weapon and 157 bul­lets he had bought from the deal­er for 1,150 euros, or near­ly $1,300, the state­ment added.

Both cus­tomers used the dark web to make their deals, Mr. Badle said. . . .





One comment for “Munich Gunman “Worshipped Hitler””

  1. The Munich Mur­der­er, David Son­boly, was a Nazi — his act was com­mit­ted on July 22, the same day Anders Breivik did his, (see the pho­to of Anders Breivik below, mak­ing a Nazi/Hiel Hitler salute at his tri­al).

    Dai­ley Mail (UK) July 23, 2016:


    Munich mur­der­er, 18, ‘had a pic­ture of mass killer Anders Breivik as his What­sApp pro­file’ as police probe ‘obvi­ous link between two’

    Munich mani­ac Ali David Son­boly was obsessed with mass shoot­ings and even had a pho­to­graph of noto­ri­ous mur­der­er Anders Breivik as his What­sApp pro­file pic­ture, accord­ing to his for­mer class­mates. 

    The 18-year-old killer, who police described as being ‘deranged’, may have planned his attack to coin­cide with the fifth anniver­sary of the Nor­we­gian’s mas­sacre, pros­e­cu­tors have said. 

    Police who searched the Iran­ian-Ger­man’s room in his par­ents’ house — two miles from where he mur­dered nine help­less peo­ple — found writ­ten mate­r­i­al on attacks and ‘spree shoot­ings’.

    Accord­ing to Ger­man news­pa­per Bild.de, his for­mer class­mates at his school said Son­boly used an image of Breivik — who bru­tal­ly mur­dered 77 peo­ple in July, 2011 — as his pic­ture on What­sApp.

    Pupils at the school where Munich mur­der­er Ali David Son­boly went have revealed he used an image of Anders Breivik as his What­sApp pro­file pic­ture

    Pho­to cap­tion In orgin­gal arti­cle: The shoot­ings in a Munich shop­ping cen­tre come five years to the day that far-right activist Anders Breivik (pic­tured mak­ing a Nazi salute at his tri­al) mur­dered 77 peo­ple on an island in Nor­way

    Munich police chief says no link between shoot­er and ISISHu­ber­tus Andrae, Munich police chief, said there was an ‘obvi­ous’ link between Fri­day’s attack — which left nine peo­ple dead — and the fifth anniver­sary of Breivik’s mas­sacre. 

    Son­boly, who claimed he was bul­lied at school, used a Glock 17 semi-auto­mat­ic hand­gun to kill the vic­tims — aged 13 to 45 — and start­ed his dead­ly ram­page at a McDon­ald’s restau­rant in the city.

    Offi­cers also found he had a book, Why Kids Kill: Inside The Minds of School Shoot­ers, in his bag when he start­ed fir­ing at help­less chil­dren who tried to run away.

    Son­boly did not have a licence for the weapon he used — which is a pop­u­lar firearm used by law enforce­ment agen­cies world­wide.

    The shoot­ings at the shop­ping cen­tre come five years to the day that far-right activist Breivik cairred out his mur­der­ous attack.  

    On July 22, 2011 Breivik explod­ed a car bomb in Oslo that killed eight peo­ple before dri­ving to the island of Utoya where he gunned down 69 peo­ple — most­ly teenagers — at a youth sum­mer camp.

    Nor­way paid an emo­tion­al trib­ute today to those who died with church ser­vices and oth­er events mark­ing what the prime min­is­ter called ‘one of the dark­est days in Nor­we­gian his­to­ry.’

    Prime Min­is­ter Erna Sol­berg, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Mar­it laid wreaths at the gov­ern­ment offices in the Nor­we­gian cap­i­tal, Oslo, where lat­er they attend­ed a memo­r­i­al ser­vice at Oslo Cathe­dral.

    The ser­vice also includ­ed vic­tims’ fam­i­lies, friends and rep­re­sen­ta­tives of a left-wing youth group that host­ed the camp on Utoya.

    Sol­berg said: ‘We still see traces of the ter­ror­ist acts. The missed ones will always be there. Time does not heal all wounds. The biggest impact is felt inside us as human beings.’

    In 2012, Breivik was con­vict­ed of mass mur­der and ter­ror­ism and giv­en a 21-year prison sen­tence that can be extend­ed for as long as he’s deemed dan­ger­ous to soci­ety. Legal experts say he will like­ly be locked up for life.

    His attacks trau­ma­tized the nation of 5 mil­lion, where an esti­mat­ed one in four peo­ple were affect­ed through con­nec­tions with fam­i­ly, friends or acquain­tances of the vic­tims.

    NATO Sec­re­tary-Gen­er­al Jens Stoltenberg, Nor­way’s prime min­is­ter at the time, said he had painful mem­o­ries of that fate­ful day — July 22, 2011.

    ‘It hurts to hear all the names read out,’ Stoltenberg said. ‘But it’s also good to be with oth­er peo­ple who were affect­ed that day, and we give each oth­er sup­port and com­fort.’

    In the after­noon, a cer­e­mo­ny was held on Utoya, a small island on a lake sur­round­ed by wood­ed hills, 40 kilo­me­ters (25 miles) north­west of Oslo. 
    It reopened to the pub­lic a year ago, when 1,000 youth orga­ni­za­tion stu­dents enrolled for a camp held in mem­o­ry of the vic­tims.

    Pho­to cap­tion: Anders Breivik smiles as he’s sen­tenced to 21 years in 2014

    Posted by Anonymous | August 25, 2016, 5:01 am

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