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NASA Third Reich Alumnus: Prophet Ezekiel Flew with Ancient Astronauts!

COMMENT: As the envi­ron­ment and the econ­o­my con­tin­ue to suf­fer and deteriorate–and the human con­di­tion along with them–it may prove enlight­en­ing and very use­ful to weigh the impli­ca­tions of those who advo­cate belief in Space Aliens. One of them is Josef F. Blum­rich.

 Blum­rich appar­ent­ly worked for the Messer­schmitt firm, much of that time work­ing on the ME-110 fight­er. Ulti­mate­ly, he became an allied POW and went to work for NASA, the ulti­mate home of many of the Third Reich’s rock­et per­son­nel.

Could this be part of an attempt at prepar­ing us for our “Nazi/Aryan/Brothers from Space/Angels from God”?

“The Space­ships of Ezekiel”; Wikipedia.

EXCERPT: The Space­ships of Ezekiel (1974) is a book by Josef F. Blum­rich writ­ten while he was chief of NASA’s sys­tems lay­out branch of the pro­gram devel­op­ment office at the Mar­shall Space Flight Center.In it he asserts that Ezekiel’s account in the Bible was not a descrip­tion of a meet­ing with God in a prophet­ic vision, but a descrip­tion of sev­er­al encoun­ters with ancient astro­nauts in a shut­tle­craft from anoth­er plan­et.

Ezekiel was an Old Tes­ta­ment prophet who wrote about sev­er­al visions he had in which he said God showed him the future and gave him var­i­ous mes­sages to deliv­er. Ezekiel describes see­ing God rid­ing in a char­i­ot-like vehi­cle attend­ed by angels. . . .



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  1. Space Broth­ers hit the AOL memestream with arti­cle “Will Arabs & Israeli’s unite in their fas­ci­na­tion with UFOs?”

    “While pres­i­dents and mil­i­tary lead­ers have nev­er suc­cess­ful­ly bridged or solved the polit­i­cal and cul­tur­al prob­lems of the Mid­dle East, can UFOs and zom­bies bring Israelis and Pales­tini­ans togeth­er?

    That’s the vision of many film­mak­ers, includ­ing Israeli direc­tor David Gidali, who, along with cin­e­matog­ra­ph­er Itay Gross, just won the top prize in the “Jerusalem 2111” film com­pe­ti­tion.”

    Source: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/01/04/will-arabs-and-israelis-unite-in-their-fascination-with-ufos/

    Posted by Dave L. | January 5, 2011, 6:03 pm
  2. If you can’t trust a dead guy who worked for Lock­heed on smart bombs, who can you trust? Go to link for lots of alien pics, UFO vids, etc. Sto­ry is from San Anto­nio news­pa­per and picked up by Chron­i­cle. This is no longer “Jeff Rense/Coast to Coast” stuff, it’s main­stream news now! Seri­ous psy­ops stuff going on here...


    For­mer Lock­heed Mar­tin engi­neer from Texas: I met aliens at Area 51
    By Joshua Fechter, San Anto­nio Express-News
    Pub­lished 12:07 pm, Thurs­day, Octo­ber 30, 2014

    In death, every­one can hear you ram­ble on YouTube.

    A video fea­tur­ing Texas man Boyd Bush­man, a for­mer Lock­heed Mar­tin and Texas Instru­ments engi­neer who died Aug. 7 at age 78, describ­ing his encoun­ters with “aliens” while work­ing at Area 51 has been mak­ing the rounds on social media and news sites.

    In the video, shot by an aero­space engi­neer named Mark Q. Pat­ter­son and post­ed Oct. 21, Bush­man shows sev­er­al out-of-focus and blur­ry pho­tos tak­en with a dis­pos­able cam­era of what he claims are aliens.

    “There are two groups of aliens,” said Bush­man, who has more than 25 patents reg­is­tered with the U.S. Patent and Trade­mark Office, most of which are held by Lock­heed Mar­tin. “They divide them into two groups. One group are wran­glers, and the oth­ers are rustlers – the ones who are steal­ers of cat­tle. The two groups act dif­fer­ent­ly. The ones that are wran­glers are much more friend­ly, and have a bet­ter rela­tion­ship with us.”

    Bush­man claimed the “aliens” — which def­i­nite­ly share no resem­blance to the com­mon con­cep­tion of extrater­res­tri­als shown in, say, this alien prop on Ama­zon or any B‑movies from the 1950s — are about five feet tall and use telepa­thy to com­mu­ni­cate with oth­ers while fly­ing saucer-shaped air­craft.

    The Lewisville native described most of the “aliens” he encoun­tered as “friend­ly” while show­ing pho­tos of their dead bod­ies.

    A biog­ra­phy accessed through Inter­net archiv­ing site Way­back Machine says Bush­man worked at Lock­heed Mar­tin Aero­nau­tics Com­pa­ny, work­ing in “advanced air­craft con­cepts” and devel­op­ing laser, elec­tro-opti­cal sen­sor and pow­er sys­tems.

    He also pur­port­ed­ly worked at Texas Instru­ments to cre­ate “laser guid­ed smart bombs, Tank Mount­ed Infrared FLIR sys­tems, focal plane arrays and GPS Sys­tems.”

    Posted by Tiffany Sunderson | October 31, 2014, 10:32 am
  3. This French arti­cle seem­ing­ly debunks his pre­vi­ous claims, but I don’t speak French. How­ev­er, it does show the “bod­ies” to be fakes. It is stat­ed in the wikipedia entry for Bush­man that he was pre­vi­ous­ly debunked by the San Anto­nio Express, but the link goes to the sto­ry from yes­ter­day which is most cer­tain­ly NOT a debunk­ing sto­ry. The only debunk­ing sto­ry is the French one linked to below.


    Here is more of his resume (assum­ing its real and he’s not a con artist). Inter­est­ing that the Moor­ish Sci­ence “sov­er­eign Cit­i­zen” kooks like him.


    Phe­nom­e­nal Sci­en­tist
    Boyd Bush­man
    About:Boyd Bush­man (1936�) is a retired senior research engi­neer who worked for Lock­heed Mar­tin Skunk Works, Texas Instru­ments and Hugh­es Air­craft. Regard­ed as one of the inven­tors of the Stinger mis­sile.

    Work:Boyd Bush­man is a phe­nom­e­nal sci­en­tist who has shared many keys to help­ing free human­i­ty. Boyd Bush­man has com­plet­ed a lot of research about anti-grav­i­ty and worked togeth­er with David Sere­da to get knowl­edge out to the peo­ple.


    Lock­heed Mar­tin Aero­nau­tics Com­pa­ny, 1986 to 2000 (and present con­sul­tant), Mr. Bush­man has par­tic­i­pat­ed in Advanced Air­craft Con­cepts as a mem­ber of the tech­ni­cal team. He has con­duct­ed Euro­pean The­ater Tac­ti­cal Fight­er per­for­mance analy­sis, coor­di­nat­ed cus­tomer inter­face and devel­op­ment per­for­mance con­cepts. He devel­oped laser, elec­tro-opti­cal sen­sor, and pow­er sys­tems. He devel­oped and taught analy­sis cours­es. Sev­er­al mil­lion-dol­lar con­tracts were obtained direct­ly from him. Bush­man holds 26 US Patents and clas­si­fied Patents.

    Texas Instru­ments, 1979–1987, Mr. Bush­man worked on the devel­op­ment of laser guid­ed smart bombs, Tank Mount­ed Infrared FLIR sys­tems, focal plane arrays and GPS Sys­tems all of which are cur­rent­ly deployed as major com­po­nents of Tac­ti­cal Land Air and Sea sys­tems.

    From 1976 to 1979 Mr. Bush­man was a Man­ag­er at Par­sons Inter­na­tion­al of Iran, Mex­i­co and then Louisiana with the U.S. depart­ment of Ener­gy’s Strate­gic Oil Reserve Pro­gram. He man­aged a divi­sion of Trans Uni­ver­sal Finance Com­pa­ny in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Fund­ing was obtained for high mul­ti­mil­lion dol­lar projects.

    At Hugh­es Air­craft (Now Ratheon), 1968–1976, Mr. Bush­man was the Manager/Technical Liai­son offi­cer to the Infrared Sen­sor Divi­sion (SBRC San­ta Bar­bara Research Cen­ter). He was involved in tech­ni­cal descrip­tion and finan­cial dis­burse­ment. Sys­tems were deployed to air­craft and satel­lite sys­tems.

    At Elec­tro-Opti­cal Sys­tems (Now Ratheon), 1966–1968 as Pro­gram man­ag­er, he devel­oped and pro­duced Night Vision Image Inten­si­fi­er Sys­tems for mil­i­tary night oper­a­tions. These are sim­i­lar to night vision gog­gles used by pilots. Mr. Bush­man achieved sus­tained pro­duc­tion of hun­dreds of units per month.

    1963–1966, Gen­er­al Dynam­ics (Pomona), he coor­di­nat­ed the analy­sis, test and devel­op­ment pro­duc­ing the Red­eye (Now Stinger Mis­sile). The devel­op­ment and test­ing was achieved in con­cert with Sidewinder Mis­sile Devel­op­ment team at Chi­na Lake Test Facil­i­ty in Cal­i­for­nia. Mr. Bush­man coor­di­nat­ed the com­put­er based oper­a­tions analy­sis and sys­tem per­for­mance analy­sis for mis­sile devel­op­ment and man­u­fac­ture.

    Posted by Tiffany Sunderson | October 31, 2014, 10:58 am

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