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Nazi-Linked Pied Piper Ron Paul: All Roads Lead to Romney

COMMENT: In the past, we’ve looked at GOP can­di­date Ron Paul’s sup­port from, and active liai­son with, Nazi and white suprema­cist ele­ments [1]. We’ve also looked at his Islam­o­fas­cist sup­port [2] as well. (Paul appears to have been involved [3] in the abortive Domini­ca coup in 1981, dis­cussed in AFA #13 [4].)

To see a GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date cozy­ing up with Nazis and white suprema­cists should­n’t come as a sur­prise [5], giv­en the fact that the par­ty’s eth­nic out­reach orga­ni­za­tion [6] lit­tle more than an exten­sion of the Third Reich [7].

The Rea­gan GOP was staffed by per­son­nel select­ed by Helene von Damm, a pro­tege of Otto von Bolschwing [8], Eich­man­n’s supe­ri­or in admin­is­ter­ing the Third Reich’s exter­mi­na­tion of the Jews.

Implic­it in this post are sev­er­al ques­tions:



Russ Bel­lan­t’s land­mark text about GOP/Nazi Inter­face

Not the mav­er­ick he por­trays him­self as being, Paul is open­ly allied with GOP fron­trun­ner Mitt Rom­ney, and could serve Rom­ney in a num­ber of ways.

Recent­ly, Paul gar­nered enthu­si­as­tic sup­port dur­ing a tour of col­lege cam­pus­es, tout­ing his oppo­si­tion to the Iraq War, desire to elim­i­nate the Fed­er­al Reserve and sup­port for states rights, among oth­er things.

Claim­ing he might not sup­port his ally Rom­ney if he got the nom­i­na­tion, Paul has float­ed the idea of run­ning as an inde­pen­dent. Should he do that, it is pos­si­ble that he might pull in some of the morons–young morons in particular–who’ve been hood­winked by his Third Posi­tion views.

Ful­fill­ing the role of a right-wing Ralph Nad­er, he could be decisive–for Rom­ney.

In this post, we are going to exam­ine a num­ber of things, includ­ing:

“Ron Paul Says He Won’t Quit Race” by Car­la Mar­in­uc­ci; San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle; 4/6/2012. [15]

EXCERPT: GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Ron Paul, on a three-day cam­paign swing in Cal­i­for­nia that has attract­ed over­flow crowds, said Thurs­day his with­draw­al from the race is “not going to hap­pen” — and he isn’t cer­tain he’ll sup­port Mitt Rom­ney should the for­mer Mass­a­chu­setts gov­er­nor win the par­ty’s nom­i­na­tion. . . .

. . . . Paul also left open the door — at least a crack — to declare him­self an inde­pen­dent pres­i­den­tial can­di­date. Asked if he had ruled it out, Paul said, “I have my hands full right now.” He added: “I’m in the mid­dle of a process and I want to find out how many del­e­gates we have and whether there’s going to be a bro­kered con­ven­tion.”

This week, Paul has attract­ed record crowds of 5,000 to 7,000 peo­ple at Chico State Uni­ver­si­ty and UCLA.

On Thurs­day night, he spoke to thou­sands of peo­ple in Memo­r­i­al Glade in front of UC Berke­ley’s Doe Library. Paul was greet­ed with chants of “Pres­i­dent Paul” and was obvi­ous­ly ener­gized to be in what he called the home of “free speech.”

The chants were atyp­i­cal of those usu­al­ly heard on the cam­pus, includ­ing “End the Fed,” and “U.S.A., U.S.A.”

Paul spoke about cut­ting the fed­er­al bud­get and end­ing wars, but the loud­est cheers came when he railed against the war on drugs.

In a ref­er­ence to the raid this week on Oak­s­ter­dam Uni­ver­si­ty and mar­i­jua­na dis­pen­sary in Oak­land, he said, “If you have states’ rights in Cal­i­for­nia, you would­n’t have the feds bug­ging you and telling you what you could do with your own body.” . . .

COMMENT: Ron Paul’s super PAC is in Rom­ney’s back­yard. (Rom­ney is, of course, a Mormon–the faith that is pre­dom­i­nant in Utah.)

“Utah-Based Super PAC Sup­ports Paul–not Rom­ney” by Matt Can­ham; Salt Lake Tri­bune; 2/20/2012. [16]

EXCERPT: . . . . This isn’t a class project or some kind of prank. It’s the work of Endorse Lib­er­ty, the biggest super PAC sup­port­ing Ron Paul. Found­ed in late Decem­ber and head­quar­tered in Utah, this group of polit­i­cal novices backed by a Sil­i­con Val­ley bil­lion­aire has already spent $3.5 mil­lion push­ing its online ads into ear­ly pri­ma­ry states where they have been viewed 12 mil­lion times.

“It is safe to say Endorse Lib­er­ty is a new force on the scene,” said Michael Beck­el, who tracks super PAC spend­ing for the Cen­ter for Pub­lic Integri­ty.

Super polit­i­cal action com­mit­tees have been around for only two years, cre­at­ed in the after­math of a Supreme Court rul­ing that allowed cor­po­ra­tions, unions and indi­vid­u­als to give as much mon­ey as they want to groups act­ing inde­pen­dent­ly of the can­di­dates. . . .

COMMENT: The bulk of the financ­ing for Paul’s super PAC comes from Sil­i­con Val­ley mover-and-shak­er Peter Thiel. An ultra-right winger with a back­ground sug­ges­tive of pos­si­ble Under­ground Reich con­nec­tions, Thiel has opined that “Free­dom and Democ­ra­cy are incom­pat­i­ble.”

“Pay­Pal co-Founder Peter Thiel Donates Mil­lions to Ron Paul Super PAC” by Charles Riley; money.cnn.com ; 2/20/2012. [17]

EXCERPT: Sil­i­con Val­ley renais­sance man Peter Thiel donat­ed anoth­er $1.7 mil­lion in Jan­u­ary to a super PAC that backs Ron Paul, accord­ing to dis­clo­sure doc­u­ments filed Mon­day.

The Pay­Pal co-founder donat­ed $1 mil­lion on Jan­u­ary 3, and fol­lowed that up 10 days lat­er with an addi­tion­al $700,000 gift.

. . . Thiel’s $2.6 mil­lion in total dona­tions account for 76% of the super PAC’s fundrais­ing since it came online late last year, under­scor­ing the abil­i­ty of deep-pock­et­ed donors to have a major impact on cam­paign spend­ing. . . .

COMMENT: It should sur­prise no one that Rom­ney and Paul are strate­gic polit­i­cal allies.

“For Paul and Rom­ney, a Strate­gic Alliance between Estab­lish­ment and Out­sider” by Amy Gard­ner; Wash­ing­ton Post; 2/1/2012. [18]

EXCERPT: . . . Despite deep dif­fer­ences on a range of issues, Rom­ney and Paul became friends in 2008, the last time both ran for pres­i­dent. So did their wives, Ann Rom­ney and Car­ol Paul. The for­mer Mass­a­chu­setts gov­er­nor com­pli­ments the Texas con­gress­man dur­ing debates, prais­ing Paul’s reli­gious faith dur­ing the last one, in Jack­sonville, Fla. Imme­di­ate­ly after­ward, as is often the case, the Pauls and the Rom­neys grav­i­tat­ed toward one anoth­er to say hel­lo.

The Rom­ney-Paul alliance is more than a curi­ous con­nec­tion. It is a strate­gic part­ner­ship: for Paul, an oppor­tu­ni­ty to gain a seat at the table if his long-shot bid for the pres­i­den­cy fails; for Rom­ney, a chance to gain sup­port from one of the most vibrant sub­groups with­in the Repub­li­can Par­ty.

“It would be very fool­ish for any­body in the Repub­li­can Par­ty to dis­miss a very real con­stituen­cy,” said one senior GOP aide in Wash­ing­ton who is famil­iar with both camps. “Ron Paul plays a very valu­able part in the process and brings a lot of vot­ers toward the Repub­li­can Par­ty and ulti­mate­ly into the vot­ing booth, and that’s some­thing that can’t be ignored.” . . .

COMMENT: In FTR #631 [14],we explored a high-rank­ing Mor­mon offi­cial who rep­re­sents an appar­ent link between the LDS and the “ver­triebene groups.” That broad­cast high­lights the back­ground of a Ger­man nation­al, who has become one of the most impor­tant mem­bers of the lead­er­ship of the Mor­mon faith. Note that Jer­ry Uchtdorf’s fam­i­ly was expelled from the for­mer Czecho­slo­va­kia. The Sude­ten Ger­mans and oth­er Ger­man minor­i­ty fac­tions in the for­mer Czecho­slo­va­kia formed a pro-Nazi Fifth Col­umn before the Ger­man occu­pa­tion of that coun­try. The alleged “oppres­sion” of the Sude­ten Ger­mans and oth­ers was the pre­text for Hitler’s takeover of that coun­try. After the war, those Ger­mans were expelled, and came under the sway of the ver­triebene groups [13], over­seen by ele­ments of the post­war SS and sub­si­dized by the Ger­man gov­ern­ment. This gam­bit was a man­i­fes­ta­tion of“volks­grup­pen­rechte” or “the rights of native peo­ples,” dis­cussed in FTRs 615 [19]616 [20],

Jabotin­sky, writ­ing in the Ital­ian Zion­ist paper, indi­cat­ed that the alliance was one of ide­ol­o­gy, not of con­ve­nience and expe­di­en­cy. Ben­jamin Netanyahu’s father Ben­zion Netanyahu, was the per­son­al sec­re­tary for Jabotin­sky. The elder Netanyahu was also a pall­bear­er at Jabotin­sky’s funer­al. Men­achem Begin had been a mem­ber of the Betar. Anoth­er Israeli Prime Minister–Yitzhak Shamir–belonged to the Stern Gang.

The Israeli right-wing has con­tin­ued its inter­face with Euro­pean Nazis and fas­cists.

The Romney/Netanyahu axis, in addi­tion to pre­sent­ing a dis­tort­ing ele­ment to Oba­ma’s mid­dle east pol­i­cy, could con­ceiv­ably man­i­fest as some sort of Octo­ber Sur­prise gam­bit vis a vis Iran.

“A Friend­ship Nur­tured in 1976 Res­onates in 2012” by Michael Bar­baro; The New York Times; [21] 4/8/2012. [21]

. . . . That shared expe­ri­ence decades ago led to a warm friend­ship, lit­tle known to out­siders, that is now rich with polit­i­cal intrigue. Mr. Netanyahu, the prime min­is­ter of Israel, is mak­ing the case for mil­i­tary action against Iran as Mr. Rom­ney, the like­ly Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee, is attack­ing the Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion for not sup­port­ing Mr. Netanyahu more robust­ly.

The rela­tion­ship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Rom­ney — nur­tured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strength­ened by a net­work of mutu­al friends and height­ened by their con­ser­v­a­tive ide­olo­gies — has result­ed in an unusu­al­ly frank exchange of advice and insights on top­ics like pol­i­tics, eco­nom­ics and the Mid­dle East.

When Mr. Rom­ney was the gov­er­nor of Mass­a­chu­setts, Mr. Netanyahu offered him first­hand point­ers on how to shrink the size of gov­ern­ment. When Mr. Netanyahu want­ed to encour­age pen­sion funds to divest from busi­ness­es tied to Iran, Mr. Rom­ney coun­seled him on which Amer­i­can offi­cials to meet with. And when Mr. Rom­ney first ran for pres­i­dent, Mr. Netanyahu pre­scient­ly asked him whether he thought Newt Gin­grich would ever jump into the race.

Only a few weeks ago, on Super Tues­day, Mr. Netanyahu deliv­ered a per­son­al brief­ing by tele­phone to Mr. Rom­ney about the sit­u­a­tion in Iran. . . .