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Nazis Conducting Arizona Border Patrols; Connected to Sponsor of Arizona Immigration Bill

Com­ment: Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, asso­ciate of Rus­sell Pearce, the spon­sor of Ari­zon­a’s recent and high­ly con­tro­ver­sial immi­gra­tion leg­is­la­tion [1], is launch­ing a para-mil­i­tary bor­der patrol oper­a­tion.

Note the res­o­nance and polit­i­cal over­lap between this milieu and the GOP’s  Palin/Tea Par­ty types, who use the same anti-immi­grant rhetor­i­cal stance.

“Neo-Nazis Patrol the Vekol Val­ley; J.T. Ready Calls ‘Bor­der Ops’ for Sat­ur­day” By Stephen Lemons;  Phoenix New Times; 6/16/2010. [2]

Excerpt: Pinal Coun­ty Sher­iff Paul Babeu recent­ly announced that “drug car­tels” con­trol the area in his coun­ty where deputy Louie Puroll was alleged­ly shot at, and where two men were recent­ly gunned down.

Now Babeu may be get­ting some assis­tance from an unwel­come and unsa­vory source: Vig­i­lantes led by Nation­al Social­ist Move­ment mem­ber J.T. Ready.

As I blogged back in May, Ready and fel­low neo-Nazi Har­ry Hugh­es have been going on ille­gal alien “patrols” in Pinal Coun­ty’s Vekol Val­ley, dressed in cam­ou­flage and armed with assault rifles. . . .