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Parting Shot from “Der Panzerkardinal”: Keeping Scandal Hidden (Under the Rock of St. Peter)


Ren­der­ing unto Cae­sar what is Cae­sar’s.

COMMENT: We thought the tim­ing of “Der Panz­erkar­di­nal’s [2]” res­ig­na­tion was “inter­est­ing. [3]” His res­ig­na­tion fol­lowed the release of a damn­ing report about the sup­pres­sion of priest-molesta­tion scan­dals and com­ing as the Vat­i­can Bank is (once again) under inves­ti­ga­tion for mon­ey laun­der­ing. This is the same Vat­i­can Bank that was heav­i­ly invest­ed in Nazi indus­try dur­ing World War II. [4]  Inves­ti­ga­tions into Vat­i­can finan­cial scan­dals have dom­i­nat­ed the last two Papa­cies and are, in turn, inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the his­to­ry of the Vat­i­can’s rela­tion­ship to fas­cism [5].

Now comes the news that Ratzinger/Benedict has named a Ger­man lawyer and mem­ber of the Knights of Mal­ta to head the trou­bled Vat­i­can Bank. Fur­ther­more, Ernst von Frey­berg is chair­man of the exec­u­tive of Blohm & Voss–a major Ger­man muni­tions mak­er. High­light­ed in the PBS TV series “Reil­ly: Ace of Spies”, Blohm & Voss is to Ger­man war­ships as Krupp is to Ger­man can­non. Need­less to say, Blohm & Voss made war­ships for Hitler. Blohm & Voss made lib­er­al use of Nazi slave labor and engaged in egre­gious crimes in an effort to cov­er their tracks [6].

Up until its sale in Decem­ber, 2011, Blohm & Voss was a sub­sidiary of ThyssenK­rupp Marine Sys­tems [7]. The Thyssen inter­ests have been at the core of the Third Reich’s inter­ests and oper­a­tions since the ear­ly 1920’s and are at the foun­da­tion of the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work [8].

The Thyssens are also very close to the Bush fam­i­ly [9] and are inex­tri­ca­bly linked with their involve­ment with the Under­ground Reich. [10]

A num­ber of thoughts in this regard:

“Pope Approves Ger­man Lawyer to Head Embat­tled Bank” [AP]; USA Today; 2/15/2013. [21] EXCERPT: Pope Bene­dict XVI has signed off on one of the last major appoint­ments of his papa­cy, approv­ing a Ger­man lawyer to head the Vatican’s embat­tled bank. Ernst Von Frey­berg has sol­id finan­cial and Catholic cre­den­tials as a mem­ber of the Sov­er­eign Mil­i­tary Order of Mal­ta, an ancient chival­rous order drawn from Euro­pean nobil­i­ty.

The appoint­ment ends a nine-month search after the Insti­tute of Reli­gious Works oust­ed its pre­vi­ous pres­i­dent, Ettore Got­ti Tedeschi, for incom­pe­tence. The ouster came just as the Vat­i­can was sub­mit­ting its finances to a review by a Coun­cil of Europe com­mit­tee in a bid to join the list of finan­cially trans­par­ent coun­tries. The Vat­i­can said Von Frey­berg had been appoint­ed by the bank’s com­mis­sion of car­di­nals and that the pope had “expressed his full con­sent.” . . .

“Ernst von Frey­berg: Con­tro­ver­sial New Vat­i­can Bank Pres­i­dent Appoint­ed By Pope Bene­dict” by Alessan­dro Spe­ciale; Huff­in­g­ton Post; 2/15/2013. [22] EXCERPT: . . . . But von Frey­berg’s appoint­ment imme­di­ate­ly sparked con­tro­ver­sy. The lawyer will remain in his cur­rent role of chair­man of the exec­u­tive board of Ger­man ship­yard Blohm + Voss, which was involved in the pro­duc­tion of war­ships under Nazi Ger­many. Vat­i­can spokesman Rev. Fed­eri­co Lom­bar­di said that the ship­yard is cur­rent­ly involved in engi­neer­ing and ship repair activ­i­ties, as well as in the pro­duc­tion of lux­u­ry yachts. But he also acknowl­edged that Blohm + Voss is “part of a con­sor­tium that is build­ing four frigates for the Ger­man navy.” . . .

“Popes Don’t Resign”; Ger­many Watch; 2/21/2013. [6]

EXCERPT: . . . . From July 1944 to April 1945 Blohm & Voss used inmates of its own con­cen­tra­tion sub­camp at its ship­yard in Ham­burg-Stein­werder for slave labour. The camp was a sub­camp to the Neuengamme con­cen­tra­tion camp.

The Blohm broth­ers were Nazis, and much of their wartime labour had come from Neuengamme, a site shared with none oth­er than IG Far­ben.

As the Allies advanced at the end of the war, Ger­many tried to hide these war­crimes by march­ing the inmates of the camp fur­ther into Ger­many. It was decid­ed that the best way to bury the evi­dence, was to load sev­er­al large ships with the camp inmates, and then sink the ships.

Thou­sands of Neuengamme camp inmates were loaded onto the SS Thiel­beck, and the Blohm & Voss built SS Arcona (a ship large enough to have real­is­ti­cal­ly pro­trayed the Titan­ic in a Ger­man pro­pa­gan­da movie).

The Ger­mans then sent a dis­in­for­ma­tion mes­sage (know­ing the British were lis­ten­ing) pre­tend­ing the ships were full of Nazi SS men head­ing for Nor­way.

On May 3rd 1945, four squadrons of RAF Hawk­er Typhoon fight­er-bombers attacked the Thiel­beck and Arcona in Neustadt bay with rock­ets and bombs. Thiel­beck sank in 15 mins, how­ev­er the Arcona burned for hours.

Many camp inmates man­aged to escape the two ships, only to drown or be shot by SS guards upon reach­ing the shore.

Neustadt memo­r­i­al to the vic­tims says 7000 lives, but is believed to be a major under­es­ti­mate.

So, slave work­ers who worked for Blohm & Voss in a Blohm % Voss run camp, were put to death on a Blohm & Voss built ship.