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Peng Shuai Psy-Op, Part 2: 1936 Redux?

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“Polit­i­cal language…is designed to make lies sound truth­ful and mur­der respectable, and to give an appear­ance of solid­i­ty to pure wind.”

— George Orwell, 1946

Cel­e­bra­tion of the 75th Anniver­sary of the 14th Waf­fen SS Divi­sion in Lviv, Ukraine in sum­mer of 2018. Uighur “geno­cide expert” Adri­an Zenz was mint­ed from this polit­i­cal her­itage and milieu.

COMMENT: Orwell rules–still. Mak­ing lies sound truth­ful and giv­ing the appear­ance of solid­i­ty to pure wind is very much “a hap­pen­ing thing” with regard to Peng Shuai.

In addi­tion to the much bal­ly­hooed and read­i­ly ver­i­fi­ably base­less claim that Peng Shuai accused Zhang Gaoli of sex­u­al assault, the upcom­ing Win­ter Olympics in Bei­jing are being com­pared to the 1936 Olympics in Ger­many.

This is grotesque­ly iron­ic for a num­ber of over­lap­ping rea­sons:

  1. In the Unit­ed States, the “Nazi Olympics” are remem­bered for the tri­umph of African-Amer­i­can track star Jesse Owens, con­cep­tu­al­ized as refu­ta­tion of the “Aryan Suprema­cy” doc­trine espoused by Hitler.
  2. In Ger­many, how­ev­er, Owens’ tri­umph was attrib­uted to the remark­able track shoes he wore dur­ing the events, made by the Ger­man shoe com­pa­ny owned by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. It was those shoes, accord­ing to the Nazis, that per­mit­ted the “subhuman/under men­sch” Owens to be vic­to­ri­ous.
  3. Both of the Dassler broth­ers were ardent Nazis. Rudolph was alleged to be Gestapo. The insti­tu­tion­al ambi­gu­i­ties of U.S. “de-Naz­i­fi­ca­tion” pro­ceed­ings have ren­dered the truth about their Nazism his­tor­i­cal­ly opaque. After the war, Adolf got con­trol of the fam­i­ly shoe busi­ness, renamed “Adi­das” after Adolf’s nick­name “Adi” and the first syl­la­ble of his last name. Rudolf estab­lished anoth­er huge, inter­na­tion­al­ly-renowned sport­ing company–Puma.
  4. Two Jew­ish-Amer­i­can sprint­ers–Mar­ty Glick­man and Sam Stoller–were pulled from the event at the last minute, appar­ent­ly so as not to embar­rass the doc­tri­naire anti-Semi­te Hitler. 
  5. The coach of the U.S. track team who pulled Glick­man and Stoller–Avery Brundage–lat­er became head of the IOC and is wide­ly viewed as a Nazi sym­pa­thiz­er and racist.  ” . . . . [Brundage] devel­oped a rep­u­ta­tion as a Nazi sym­pa­thiz­er and a white suprema­cist. Brundage, who died in 1975, opposed the boy­cott of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and advo­cat­ed for the Amer­i­ca First move­ment, which was against the Unit­ed States’ entry in World War II. The muse­um bene­fac­tor also expelled African Amer­i­can ath­letes Tom­mie Smith and John Car­los from the 1968 Olympic Games after they famous­ly raised their fists in sol­i­dar­i­ty with the Black Pow­er move­ment dur­ing the medal cer­e­mo­ny. . . .”
  6. The alle­ga­tion that Chi­nese “per­se­cu­tion” of the Uighurs is tan­ta­mount to Hitler’s racist poli­cies is, as Orwell put it, “pure wind.” Iron­i­cal­ly so, in that Adri­an Zenz, chief pro­mul­ga­tor of the “geno­cide claim” derives his grav­i­tas from his sta­tus as work­ing for the Vic­tims of Com­mu­nism Memo­r­i­al Foun­da­tion, an off­shoot of the Cap­tive Nations Com­mit­tee, co-found­ed by Yaroslav Stet­sko [spellings vary–D.E.], wartime head of the OUN/B col­lab­o­ra­tionist gov­ern­ment of Ukraine.
  7. IOC head Thomas Bach’s rise in the world of sport owed much to his long involve­ment with Adi­das.
  8. Wom­en’s Ten­nis Asso­ci­a­tion chief Steve Simon–who announced a WTA mora­to­ri­um on play­ing in China–rose to his posi­tion of promi­nence, in part, through his asso­ci­a­tion with Adi­das.

1.–“WTA Sus­pends Tour­na­ments in Chi­na Over Treat­ment of Peng Shuai” by Matthew Fut­ter­man; The New York Times; 12/01/2021.

. . . . On Twit­ter, the for­mer cham­pi­on and activist Bil­lie Jean King said that the orga­ni­za­tion was “on the right side of his­to­ry.” She added, “This is anoth­er rea­son why women’s ten­nis is the leader in women’s sports.”. . .

. . . . Now it (the Inter­na­tion­al Olympic Com­mit­tee) is tak­ing its mar­quee win­ter event to Chi­na, a move that many crit­ics are now com­par­ing to one of the dark­est chap­ters in the his­to­ry of the mod­ern Olympics — the stag­ing of the 1936 Sum­mer Games in Berlin, an event that Adolf Hitler lever­aged as pro­pa­gan­da for his fas­cist Nazi rule of Ger­many. . . .

2.–“Adolf Dassler;” wikipedia.org.

. . . . The sec­ond key fac­tor for the shoe firm in the ear­ly 1930s was the role sport played in the racial-nation­al­ist phi­los­o­phy of Hitler. With the rise of the Nation­al Social­ist Ger­man Work­ers Par­ty, ath­let­ic team­work was pri­or­i­tized. The Dassler broth­ers did not fail to see how their eco­nom­ic inter­est would ben­e­fit from pol­i­tics; all three Dassler broth­ers joined the Nazi Par­ty on 1 May 1933—three months after Hitler was appoint­ed Chan­cel­lor.[16] Rudolf was said to be most ardent believ­er of the three.[2] But it was Adi who decid­ed that becom­ing a coach of and sup­pli­er to clubs in the Hitler Youth move­ment was essen­tial to expand­ed pro­duc­tion, and he joined in 1935. . . .

. . . . Sev­er­al weeks before 19 Jan­u­ary 1945, when the Sovi­ets over­ran Tuschin (which then revert­ed to its orig­i­nal name, Tuszyn) and dec­i­mat­ed his unit, Rudolf had fled to Her­zo­ge­nau­rach (where a doc­tor pro­vid­ed him a cer­tifi­cate of mil­i­tary inca­pac­i­ty owing to a frozen foot). The now-defunct unit had been fold­ed into the Schutzstaffel (SS). The sources for what Rudolf did between his deser­tion from Tuschin and the funer­al of Rudolf’s and Adi’s father on 4 April 1945 is among the dis­put­ed records in the Amer­i­can denaz­i­fi­ca­tion pan­els. On the day after the funer­al he was arrest­ed and tak­en to the Bären­schanze prison run by the Gestapo in Nürn­berg. He remained there until the Allied lib­er­a­tion in ear­ly May. . . .

. . . . On 25 July 1945, about two months after the arrival of U.S. troops, Rudolf was arrest­ed by the Amer­i­can occu­pa­tion author­i­ties, on sus­pi­cion that he worked for the Sicher­heits­di­enst (the secret ser­vice of the Reichs­führer-SS com­mon­ly known as the SD) engaged in coun­teres­pi­onage and cen­sor­ship, and was sent to an intern­ment camp in Ham­mel­burg. . . .

. . . . He not­ed that both Rudolf’s wife and his broth­er Adi tes­ti­fied that Rudolf worked for the Gestapo.[41] . . .

. . . . Before Rudolf was released, Adi him­self had to appear before the denaz­i­fi­ca­tion pan­el. The result was announced on 13 July 1946: Adi was declared a Belasteter, the sec­ond most seri­ous cat­e­go­ry of Nazi offend­ers, which includ­ed prof­i­teers, and sub­ject­ed the con­vict up to 10 years in prison . . . .


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