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Peter Thiel Is a Big Ted Cruz Backer

Dave Emory’s entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash dri­ve that can be obtained here. [1] (The flash dri­ve includes the anti-fas­cist books avail­able on this site.)

COMMENT: In FTR #‘s 758 [2], 759 [3], we looked at the pro­found con­nec­tions between the GOP fis­cal ter­ror­ists of the “Paulis­tin­ian Lib­er­tar­i­an Orga­ni­za­tion” [3]and the milieu of Eddie Snow­den. It should come as no sur­prise that Peter Thiel is a major backer of Ted Cruz.

Cruz, of course, is the GOP Sen­a­tor from Texas who was at the fore­front of the “shut­down milieu.”

Thiel is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with Palan­tir [4], Ron Paul [5], the seast­eading move­ment [6] and Face­book [7].

In our dis­cus­sions of Thiel, NEVER for­get that he explic­it­ly rejects democ­ra­cy [8], in no small mea­sure because he does­n’t think women should be allowed to vote.

“Reminder: Peter Thiel Is Ted Cruz’s Gay Bil­lion­aire Ally” by Sam Bid­dle; Val­ley Wag; 9/2/2013. [9]

EXCERPT: Where does a man like Ted Cruz get the con­fi­dence to IRL troll the Unit­ed States Sen­ate for 21 hours? Know­ing that Pay­Pal bil­lion­aire and Sil­i­con Val­ley king­pin Peter Thiel has his back sure­ly helps.. . .