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Profound Thanks and Farewell to Al Calame: Rest in Peace


Al Calame


Lis­ten­ers to the pro­grams and users of this web­site owe a great deal to my late, dear friend Al Calame, who passed away from nat­ur­al caus­es recent­ly. Hav­ing run the Spit­fire CD dupli­ca­tion ser­vice and the old Spitfirelist.com web­site, Al’s efforts were essen­tial to real­iz­ing the goal of get­ting all of the 30+ years of Dave Emory pro­grams and lec­tures avail­able online.

Work­ing with no sub­stan­tive finan­cial reward, Al sol­diered on, pre­serv­ing the audio archives for pos­ter­i­ty.

In addi­tion to his essen­tial efforts on behalf of the web­site and send­ing the pro­grams to the sta­tions that car­ried them, Al’s com­pan­ion­ship helped me through some very stormy per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al waters.

One could cite no bet­ter exam­ple of cit­i­zen­ship than Al’s life and work. He will be fond­ly remem­bered, as well as missed. When using the mate­ri­als on this site, pause to think of Al.