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Seymour Hersh: Joint Chiefs of Staff Dominated by Knights of Malta, Opus Dei


Knights of Mal­ta

COMMENT: In a recent speech, jour­nal­ist Sey­mour Hersh main­tained that the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff are dom­i­nat­ed by offi­cers sym­pa­thet­ic to, or mem­bers of, the SMOM (Knights of Mal­ta) [2] and/or Opus Dei.

“Sey­mour Hersh Unleashed” by Blake Houn­shell; For­eign Pol­i­cy; 1/18/2011. [3]

EXCERPT: . . . . He [Hersh] then alleged that Gen. Stan­ley McChrys­tal, who head­ed JSOC before briefly becom­ing the top U.S. com­man­der in Afghanistan, and his suc­ces­sor, Vice Adm. William McRaven, as well as many with­in JSOC, “are all mem­bers of, or at least sup­port­ers of, Knights of Mal­ta.”

Hersh may have been refer­ring to the Sov­er­eign Order of Mal­ta, a Roman Catholic orga­ni­za­tion com­mit­ed to “defence of the Faith and assis­tance to the poor and the suf­fer­ing,” accord­ing to its web­site.

“Many of them are mem­bers of Opus Dei,” Hersh con­tin­ued. “They do see what they’re doing — and this is not an atyp­i­cal atti­tude among some mil­i­tary — it’s a cru­sade, lit­er­al­ly. They see them­selves as the pro­tec­tors of the Chris­tians. They’re pro­tect­ing them from the Mus­lims [as in] the 13th cen­tu­ry. And this is their func­tion.”

“They have lit­tle insignias, these coins they pass among each oth­er, which are cru­sad­er coins,” he con­tin­ued. “They have insignia that reflect the whole notion that this is a cul­ture war. … Right now, there’s a tremen­dous, tremen­dous amount of anti-Mus­lim feel­ing in the mil­i­tary com­mu­ni­ty.””  . . .