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Sirhan Sirhan’s Lawyers Moving to Reopen the Case


COMMENT: Attor­neys for Sirhan Sirhan have moved to reopen his case, con­tend­ing (among oth­er things) that a bul­let was switched at his tri­al, inval­i­dat­ing his con­vic­tion.

Ear­li­er this year, Sirhan’s defense team rein­forced the “girl in the pol­ka-dot dress” anec­do­tal infor­ma­tion fol­low­ing a hyp­no­sis ses­sion with their client.

Any­one famil­iar with the facts of Robert F. Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion knows that the offi­cial ver­sion of Sirhan Sirhan as a “lone nut” assas­sin is unten­able. (Lis­ten­ers are invit­ed to exam­ine AFA #9 [1], detail­ing RFK’s mur­der, as well as FTR #582 [2], sup­ple­ment­ing that analy­sis.)

Inves­ti­ga­tors have long believed that Sirhan was a vic­tim of mind con­trol, and that a mys­te­ri­ous woman in a pol­ka-dot dress was involved in the killing, pos­si­bly as a “han­dler” of Sirhan. (The woman was seen and heard run­ning from the Ambas­sador Hotel claim­ing that “we” had shot Kennedy. The mind con­trol aspects of the RFK assas­si­na­tion are dis­cussed in AFA #6 [3].)

In papers recent­ly filed by his lawyers, Sirhan relates the sto­ry [4] of the “girl in the pol­ka-dot dress” and also (under hyp­no­sis) recalled see­ing the flash of a sec­ond gun.

“Sirhan Sirhan, Assas­sin of Robert F. Kennedy, Launch­es New Cam­paign for Free­dom 42 Years Lat­er” by Jacqui God­dard; The Tele­graph [UK]; 12/03/2011. [5]

EXCERPT: Lawyers for Robert F Kennedy’s killer Sirhan Sirhan claim to have new evi­dence that will free him from prison, 42 years after he was jailed for assas­si­nat­ing the US sen­a­tor.

They say the new mate­r­i­al hands them “game, set and match” in their cam­paign to release him from the life sen­tence he was giv­en on being con­vict­ed for gun­ning down the sen­a­tor at a Cal­i­for­nia hotel.
They have launched a fresh appeal on behalf of Sirhan, 67, claim­ing in court for the first time that pros­e­cu­tors fab­ri­cat­ed bal­lis­tics evi­dence against him at tri­al, switch­ing a bul­let that was tak­en from the dead sen­a­tor’s neck for one that they claimed matched the defen­dan­t’s gun.
Lawyers also seek a re-exam­i­na­tion of claims that Sirhan was framed by shad­owy agents — indi­rect­ly sug­gest­ed as being the CIA — who they say “hyp­no-pro­grammed” him into tak­ing part in the shoot­ing to divert atten­tion from their own fatal gun­fire.
Court doc­u­ments filed in fed­er­al court in Los Ange­les now pull togeth­er years of research, evi­den­tiary doc­u­ments and psy­cho­log­i­cal analy­ses of Sirhan for a case that his lawyer says proves him as a vic­tim of “an egre­gious mis­car­riage of jus­tice” and “hor­ren­dous vio­la­tions” of his legal rights.
“On the law, and on the evi­dence, it’s game set and match to us. It’s all over,” Dr William Pep­per told The Sun­day Tele­graph.
“But we are deal­ing with a high pro­file polit­i­cal assas­si­na­tion that involves the gov­ern­ment and gov­ern­ment agen­cies and a cov­er-up for 43 years, So I’m not con­fi­dent that we are going to over­come the pol­i­tics, but I’m con­fi­dent that they have got to give us an evi­den­tiary hear­ing and put all this under oath in a court of law, which has nev­er hap­pened.”
Sen­a­tor Kennedy died on June 6, 1968, one day after the shoot­ing at the Ambas­sador Hotel in Los Ange­les, where he had been cel­e­brat­ing vic­to­ry in the Cal­i­for­nia pri­ma­ry of the race for the Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion. He had just deliv­ered his vic­to­ry address in the ball­room and was tak­ing a short cut out of the hotel through the crowd­ed kitchen when Sirhan stepped for­ward and opened fire.
The sen­a­tor’s loss altered the course of Amer­i­can pol­i­tics and sent shock waves through a coun­try still com­ing to terms with the assas­si­na­tion four and a half years ear­li­er of his broth­er, Pres­i­dent John F Kennedy, by polit­i­cal mal­con­tent Lee Har­vey Oswald. . . .