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The Ball Lightning Automatic Fighter

Excerpt­ed from Intercept—But Don’t Shoot by Rena­to Vesco.

“ . . . Par­al­lel with the for­ma­tion of the spe­cial S.S. Air Corps, the S.S. Tech­ni­cal Gen­er­al Staff had not only espoused Mar­shal Goer­ing’s press­ing demands for the prepa­ra­tion of the ‘deci­sive’ fight­er, but had imple­ment­ed them by hav­ing all the aero­nau­tic advances of the past two years sent to the indus­tri­al com­bine of the ‘G. Werke.’ Thus the prin­ci­ple of the sym­met­ri­cal cir­cu­lar air­craft was com­bined with direct gyro­scop­ic sta­bi­liza­tion; syn­thet­ic fire-damp was com­bined with the mul­ti­ple-bat­teried blow­er can­non; a gelati­nous organ­ic metal­lic hyper­com­bustible was com­bined with the total reac­tion tur­bine; tele­vi­sion-con­trolled fly­ing was com­bined with ver­ti­cal take-off and land­ing; armor that was sen­si­tive to small-cal­iber pro­jec­tiles and radio con­trol that was free of ene­my jam­ming were com­bined with the active blind­ing of ene­my radar; infrared search ‘eyes’ were com­bined with elec­tro­sta­t­ic weapon fir­ing. This marked the rapid devel­op­ment of the Feuer­ball, which final­ly became a weapon. The Kugel­blitz (Ball Light­ning), which appar­ent­ly for greater safe­ty com­bined the elec­tro­sta­t­ic fir­ing device with an anal­o­gous short-wave device man­u­fac­tured by the Patent-Ver­w­er­tungs Gesellschaft of Salzburg, lumped togeth­er in a sin­gle com­pact mass the wings, tail, and fuse­lage of ordi­nary planes, but it had noth­ing in com­mon with them in either form or per­for­mance. It was the first exam­ple of the ‘jet-lift’ air­craft.”
Vesco, 1971: pp 156–157.

“After a sin­gle lucky wartime mis­sion, the Kugel­blitz was sub­se­quent­ly destroyed by tech­ni­cal detach­ments of retreat­ing S.S. troops, and thanks to the instruc­tions that had been giv­en to the inves­ti­ga­tors of the T Force by the exceed­ing­ly strict British mil­i­tary cen­sor­ship, noth­ing else has come out since then.

Even if ufol­o­gists do not know it or refuse to admit it, the Kugel­blitz, old­er broth­er of the Feuer­ball anti­radar device, is the sec­ond authen­tic antecedent of the present-day fly­ing saucers and it is with them—and with the oth­er Ger­man devices of the same fam­i­ly (spin­ning bombs, lentic­u­lar bombs, ram­ming fight­ers, and fly­ing spheres)—that the true his­to­ry or, if you like, the pre­his­to­ry of the UFO ques­tion begins. . . .
Vesco, 1971: p 157.


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