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The Ideology and Electoral Gravitas of Swoboda (Ukrainian Heirs to the OUN/B)

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COMMENT: The Orwellian tinge to the cov­er­age of the Ukrain­ian coup has masked the nature of the mil­i­tant van­guard and core of the movement–Swoboda [“Svo­bo­da”], Pravy Sek­tor and oth­er, less­er-known ele­ments allied with them.

These groups are fas­cist in nature, with a her­itage stretch­ing back to the Third Reich’s OUN/B allies, per­pet­u­at­ed in the post-World War II peri­od by ele­ments of CIA, MI6 BND and orga­ni­za­tions like the Anti-Bol­she­vik of Nations. All of these groups are ulti­mate­ly, behold­en to, and allied with the Under­ground Reich.

We have cov­ered this in pre­vi­ous posts–here [2], here [3], here [4] and here [5]. (We are pro­duc­ing pro­grams about the Ukrain­ian cri­sis at the present time.)

Two recent posts [6] from the Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Times [6] illus­trate and define what might be termed “the ideological/political bou­quet” of the oppo­si­tion forces that oust­ed Yanukovych (who, like most of the lead­ers who have come to pow­er in the for­mer Sovi­et republics and a pletho­ra of lead­ers else­whate, was man­i­fest­ly incom­pe­tent and cor­rupt.)

Writer Palosh Ghosh notes that Swoboda–the largest of these groups–has gen­er­at­ed con­sid­er­able grav­i­tas from young, edu­cat­ed Ukraini­ans who are dis­gust­ed with the mori­bund econ­o­my. His­tor­i­cal­ly, eco­nom­ic depri­va­tion has lent pop­u­lar sup­port to the ranks of fas­cist orga­ni­za­tions.

Swo­bo­da par­lia­men­tar­i­an Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn has quot­ed Third Reich lumi­nar­ies such as Joseph Goebbels, Gre­gor Strass­er and Ernst Rohm in his polit­i­cal speech­es, and the deputy chief of Swo­bo­da, Ihor Mirosh­ny­chenko, has termed Ukrain­ian-born actress Mila Kunis “a dirty Jew­ess.”


In an update, “Pter­rafractyl” informs us that the chief pros­e­cu­tor [7] in the new inter­im Ukrain­ian gov­ern­ment is a mem­ber of Swo­bo­da.

The pop­u­lar chants [8] of the Euro­maid­an demon­stra­tors are those of the OUN/B.

“Euro­maid­an: The Dark Shad­ows of the Far-Right  in Ukraine Protests” by Palosh Ghosh; Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Times; 2/25/2014. [6]

EXCERPT: . . . .How­ev­er, despite its extrem­ist rhetoric, Svo­bo­da can­not be called a “fringe” par­ty – indeed, it cur­rent­ly occu­pies 36 seats in the 450-mem­ber Ukrain­ian par­lia­ment, grant­i­ng it sta­tus as the fourth-largest par­ty in the coun­try. Fur­ther, Svo­bo­da is linked to oth­er far-right groups across Europe through its mem­ber­ship in the Alliance of Euro­pean Nation­al Move­ments, which includes the British Nation­al Par­ty (BNP) of the Unit­ed King­dom and Job­bik, the neo-fas­cist, anti-Semit­ic and anti-Roma par­ty of Hun­gary. The leader of Svo­bo­da, Oleh Tyah­ny­bok, who has appeared at the Kiev protests, has a long his­to­ry of mak­ing inflam­ma­to­ry anti-Semit­ic state­ments, includ­ing the accu­sa­tion dur­ing a 2004 speech before par­lia­ment that Ukraine is con­trolled by a “Mus­covite-Jew­ish mafia.” [Swo­bo­da Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment Ihor] Mirosh­ny­chenko also called the Ukrain­ian-born Amer­i­can film actress Mila Kunis a “dirty Jew­ess.”

Tyah­ny­bok has also claimed that “orga­nized Jew­ry” dom­i­nate Ukrain­ian media and gov­ern­ment, have enriched them­selves through crim­i­nal activ­i­ties and plan to engi­neer a “geno­cide” upon the Chris­t­ian Ukrain­ian pop­u­la­tion. Anoth­er top Svo­bo­da mem­ber, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, a deputy in par­lia­ment, often quotes Nazi Pro­pa­gan­da Min­is­ter Joseph Goebbels, as well as oth­er Third Reich lumi­nar­ies like Ernst Rohm and Gre­gor Strass­er. . . .

. . . . Found­ed in 1991 as the Social-Nation­al Par­ty of Ukraine, Svo­bo­da has appar­ent­ly appealed to hun­dreds of thou­sands of Ukraini­ans tired of eco­nom­ic woes and ram­pant cor­rup­tion in gov­ern­ment. Reports also sug­gest that the par­ty has derived sig­nif­i­cant sup­port from the well edu­cat­ed and the young, who suf­fer from high unem­ploy­ment. . . . .

“Svo­bo­da: The Ris­ing Spec­tre of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine” by Palosh Ghosh; The Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Times; 12/27/2013. [9]

. . . . Ihor Mirosh­ny­chenko, the deputy chief of Svo­bo­da, wrote on his Face­book account: “[Kunis] is not Ukrain­ian, she is a Yid. She is proud of it, so [the] Star of David be with her.” . . . .

“Ukraine Cri­sis: Key Play­ers”; BBC; 2/27/2014.

After months of mass unrest in Ukraine, cul­mi­nat­ing in dead­ly vio­lence and the removal of the elect­ed Pres­i­dent, Vik­tor Yanukovych, we look at some of the key play­ers emerg­ing.

The mem­bers of the new gov­ern­ment have to be approved by par­lia­ment.

Olek­sander Turchynov, inter­im pres­i­dent

Pro­pelled to the top by the col­lapse of the Yanukovych admin­is­tra­tion, the new par­lia­men­tary speak­er and act­ing pres­i­dent is con­sid­ered the right-hand man of Yulia Tymoshenko, who was Mr Yanukovych’s arch-rival at the 2010 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion.

An impor­tant fig­ure in the 2004 Orange Rev­o­lu­tion, the 49-year-old briefly served as head of the domes­tic secu­rity agency, the SBU, then as a deputy prime min­is­ter.

While he may enjoy cred­i­bil­ity with some pro­test­ers — he was injured in the face by shrap­nel dur­ing the vio­lence in Kiev this win­ter — he appears to lack charis­ma and is not ulti­mately seen as a pres­i­den­tial can­di­date.


Oleh Makhnit­skyy, act­ing chief pros­e­cu­tor

The 43-year-old mem­ber of the far-right Svo­boda par­ty was lit­tle known on the nation­al polit­i­cal scene before his appoint­ment by par­lia­ment.

A lawyer from Lviv, he worked as an inves­ti­ga­tor with a local prosecutor’s office in the late 1990s before mov­ing into pol­i­tics.

“The Ukrain­ian Nation­al­ism at the Heart of ‘Euro­maid­an’ ” by Alec Luhn; The Nation; 1/21/2014. [8]

EXCERPT: . . . . Svo­bo­da is the most vis­i­ble par­ty on the square, it has essen­tial­ly tak­en over Kiev City Hall as its base of oper­a­tions, and it has a large influ­ence in the pro­tes­tors’ secu­ri­ty forces.

It also has revived three slo­gans orig­i­nat­ing in the Ukrain­ian nation­al­ist move­ment of the 1930s [i.e. the OUN/B–D.E.] that have become the most pop­u­lar chants at Euro­maid­an. Almost all speak­ers on Inde­pen­dence Square—even box­er-turned-oppo­si­tion-leader Vitaly Klitschko, who has lived most­ly in Ger­many and has a US res­i­dence permit—start and end with the slo­gan, “Glo­ry to Ukraine!,” to which the crowd responds “To heroes glo­ry!” Two oth­er nation­al­ist call-and-response slo­gans often heard on the square are “Glo­ry to the nation! Death to ene­mies!” and “Ukraine above all!” . . .