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The Ukraine Has 25% of the World’s Proven Natural Gas Reserves

Dave Emory’s entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash dri­ve that can be obtained here. [1] (The flash dri­ve includes the anti-fas­cist books avail­able on this site.)

[2]COMMENT: A fac­tor that is cen­tral to the Ukrain­ian sit­u­a­tion is that coun­try’s nat­ur­al gas reserves. The Ukraine has a quar­ter of the world’s proven nat­ur­al gas reserves. Those reserves may well be seen as the answer [3] to the EU’s ener­gy sit­u­a­tion.

We won­der if the Fis­ch­er-Trop­sch [4] process might be used to derive motor fuel from that nat­ur­al gas, as is being done in the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood [5]-affil­i­at­ed nation of Qatar [6].

“This Oil Giant Could Get Crushed by Ukraine” by Lawrence Lewitinn; Yahoo News; 3/06/2014. [7]

 EXCERPT: Once known as the “Bread­bas­ket of Rus­sia [8]”, Ukraine is now also Rus­si­a’s fuel tank. And, one Amer­i­can com­pa­ny has 10 bil­lion rea­sons to hope noth­ing goes wrong.

Ukraine sits on 39 tril­lion cubic feet of nat­ur­al gas reserves. That’s about one-quar­ter the world’s entire proven reserves. . . .