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Trump’s New Federal Reserve Appointee: Chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy

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COMMENT: In past pro­grams, we have dis­cussed the Nation­al Endow­ment For Democ­ra­cy, a “kinder, gen­tler” U.S. intel­li­gence man­i­fes­ta­tion” . . . . the NED’s sto­ry speaks for itself: The brain­child of Reagan’s CIA direc­tor Bill Casey, the Nation­al Endow­ment for Democ­racy was set up as an intel­li­gence cutout to sup­port US geopo­lit­i­cal pow­er and under­mine unfriend­ly regimes. One of the NED co-founders, Allen Wein­stein, explained its pur­pose to the Wash­ing­ton Post‘A lot of what we do today was done covert­ly 25 years ago by the CIA.’ . . . .”

Trump’s lat­est nom­i­nee to the board of the Fed­er­al Reserve Bank, gold bug Dr. Judy Shel­ton, is the Chair­man of the NED, mak­ing a promi­nent play­er in the covert action milieu a promi­nent play­er in set­ting mon­e­tary and eco­nom­ic pol­i­cy, as well.

“Dr. Judy Shel­ton Is New Chair­man of Nation­al Endow­ment For Democ­ra­cy; ” 2/8/2017.

Dr. Judy Shel­ton was elect­ed the new Chair­man of the Nation­al Endow­ment for Democ­ra­cy (NED) by NED’s Board of Direc­tors at its Jan­u­ary 10, 2017 meet­ing.  An econ­o­mist who has writ­ten wide­ly on issues of inter­na­tion­al finance and mon­e­tary pol­i­cy, she has also been con­sult­ed on inter­na­tion­al eco­nom­ic and finan­cial issues by the Con­gress, the White House, and the Pen­ta­gon.  Shel­ton pre­vi­ous­ly served on the NED Board from 2005–2014, and was Vice Chair­man from 2010–2014. . . .


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