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“U‑2, Brut?”: Baby Face Snowden and the Destabilization of Obama

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COMMENT: In the 1930’s, there was a famous Amer­i­can crim­i­nal named Baby Face Nel­son. In the sec­ond decade of this cen­tu­ry, we are wit­ness­ing the activ­i­ties of anoth­er Amer­i­can crim­i­nal of youth­ful visage–Edward J. Snow­den. A career spook, Snow­den [2] has, of course, been the source for dis­clo­sures [3]about NSA spy­ing on indi­vid­u­als and insti­tu­tions.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, we not­ed that Ron Paul [4] backer Snowden decamped to Hong Kong and leaked infor­ma­tion about U.S. hack­ing of Chi­nese com­put­ers [5] just as Pres­i­dent Oba­ma was meet­ing with the Chi­nese prime min­is­ter Xi, embar­rass­ing the Pres­i­dent at a sen­si­tive time.

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Now, Snow­den has fol­lowed up his Chi­nese “op” by leak­ing infor­ma­tion about NSA spy­ing on EU mem­bers. The most “spied-upon” EU mem­ber state is–unsurprisingly–Germany. The lat­est dis­clo­sure comes as Oba­ma was prepar­ing to meet with Angela Merkel of Ger­many [6].

The tim­ing of this, on top of the “remark­able coin­ci­dence” of Snow­den show­ing up in Hong Kong and leak­ing embar­rass­ing infor­ma­tion as Oba­ma is meet­ing with Xi, is more than even the most cred­u­lous should believe.

As not­ed in a pre­vi­ous post, this inci­dent strikes us as being remark­ably sim­i­lar to the down­ing of a U‑2 spy plane pri­or to the Eisenhower/Kruschev sum­mit. In The Guns of Novem­ber, Part I [7], we exam­ined infor­ma­tion from Colonel L. Fletch­er Prouty indi­cat­ing that the U‑2 had been delib­er­ate­ly sab­o­taged by CIA hard­lin­ers to frus­trate attempts at improv­ing U.S./Soviet rela­tions. The leak­ing of the infor­ma­tion to down the U‑2 was blamed on none oth­er than Lee Har­vey Oswald!

“Snow­den’s Ride”, to coin a term, has all the ear­marks of an intel­li­gence oper­a­tion, like the U‑2 gam­bit. Cen­tral to this is Thiel’s Palan­tir firm, almost cer­tain­ly the devel­op­er of the PRISM func­tion. As dis­cussed in our last post, the notion that there would be two Sil­i­con Val­ley soft­ware func­tions with iden­ti­cal names used by NSA/intelligence com­mu­ni­ty is not cred­i­ble. There would have been lit­i­ga­tion.

Also as not­ed in our last post, we won­der what role may have been played in this by Michael J. Mor­rell, who brief Dubya on intel­li­gence mat­ters and who was at his side on 9/11. Note that Snow­den also worked for CIA, as well as NSA. That “the Com­pa­ny” may be scor­ing points against a rival agency is also to be con­sid­ered.

[8]It should come as no sur­prise that the NSA would tar­get Ger­many as a “hot spot” for elec­tron­ic sur­veil­lance. An overview of the most impor­tant ter­ror­ist inci­dents affect­ing the Unit­ed States over the last quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry reveals impor­tant evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries lead­ing to Ger­many:

“NSA Map Shows Ger­many Most Spied-on of EU Mem­bers”; UPI.com; 6/10/2013. [23]

EXCERPT: While the Unit­ed States spies on all Euro­pean Union nations, it spies on Ger­many the most, say papers sup­plied by a for­mer employ­ee of the top U.S. spy agency.

The rank­ings of what EU nations are snooped on, and how much, can be seen in a col­or-cod­ed map of covert Nation­al Secu­rity Agency sur­veil­lance activ­i­ties, EUObserver.com report­ed Mon­day.

Nations sub­ject to the least spy­ing activ­i­ties are shad­ed green; those with the most red.

All EU mem­bers are var­i­ous shades of green on the map. Ger­many is orange.

The map, called Bound­less Infor­mant, is among doc­u­ments released by Edward Snow­den, a for­mer CIA employ­ee and NSA con­trac­tor who says he is the per­son who this month leaked infor­ma­tion about the U.S. meta­da­ta col­lec­tion pro­gram known as PRISM. . . .

“His­to­ry of the Carl Duis­berg Soci­ety” [16]

EXCERPT: In the 1920’s, Carl Duis­berg, Gen­er­al Direc­tor of Bay­er AG in Ger­many, envi­sioned send­ing Ger­man stu­dents to the Unit­ed States on work-study pro­grams. Duis­berg was con­vinced that inter­na­tion­al prac­ti­cal train­ing was crit­i­cal to the growth of Ger­man indus­try. Many of the return­ing trainees lat­er rose to promi­nent posi­tions at AEG, Bay­er, Bosch, Daim­ler Benz, and Siemens, bring­ing with them new meth­ods for mass pro­duc­tion, new ideas, and new busi­ness prac­tices. Fol­low­ing World War II, alum­ni from the first exchanges found­ed the Carl Duis­berg Gesellschaft (CDG) in 1949 to help engi­neers, busi­ness­men and farm­ers gain inter­na­tion­al work expe­ri­ence nec­es­sary for the rebuild­ing of Ger­many . . . .

Excerpt from the Descrip­tion for FTR #484 [17]

. . . . Daniel also notes that some of Atta’s Ger­man asso­ciates in Flori­da were sons and daugh­ters of promi­nent Ger­man indus­tri­al­ists. . . .

Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile by Paul Man­ning; p. 292. [18]

EXCERPT: . . . A for­mer CIA con­tract pilot, who once flew the run into Paraguay and Argenti­na to the Bor­mann ranch described the estate as remote, ‘worth your life unless you entered their air space with the right iden­ti­fi­ca­tion codes. . . .