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Vatican Report and the Pope’s Resignation: “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

[1]COMMENT: We’ve post­ed sev­er­al times [2] in con­nec­tion with the res­ig­na­tion of Bene­dict XVI [3]. Media spec­u­la­tion has cen­tered on a report sub­mit­ted to Ratzinger/Benedict detail­ing black­mail of a pow­er­ful “Vel­vet Mafia” of gay prelates inside the Vat­i­can.

Appar­ent­ly black­mailed by out­siders over their exten­sive and rel­a­tive­ly vis­i­ble liaisons, this group appears to have had deal­ings with the Vat­i­can bank [4]–long a focus of intrigue and covert fas­cist machi­na­tions [5].

One can but won­der what “out­side” inter­ests have been doing the black­mail­ing? Was it just the Vel­vet Mafia that was the focus of the black­mail or did the exten­sive priest molesta­tion scan­dals fac­tor in as well?

In this con­text, it is worth remem­ber­ing that cen­tral to the exer­cise of the Catholic faith is the rit­u­al of con­fes­sion. 

Secrets of the con­fes­sion­al have long been sig­nif­i­cant polit­i­cal cap­i­tal, of inter­est to intel­li­gence ser­vices and/or poten­tial black­mail­ers.

The lat­est dis­clo­sures call to mind a joke by the San Fran­cis­co-based come­di­an Will Durst. In the 1980’s, he observed that the dis­clo­sure that Catholic priests were at “high-risk” for AIDS has cre­at­ed a cri­sis at the Vat­i­can. 

The curia is afraid that they are final­ly going to have to admit that priests are shar­ing nee­dles!

[6]“Papal Res­ig­na­tion Linked to Inquiry into ‘Vat­i­can Gay Offi­cials’, Says Paper” by John Hoop­er; The Guardian [UK]; 2/21/2013. [7]

EXCERPT: A poten­tially explo­sive report has linked the res­ig­na­tion of Pope Bene­dict XVI to the dis­cov­ery of a net­work of gay prelates in the Vat­i­can, some of whom – the report said – were being black­mailed by out­siders.

The pope’s spokesman declined to con­firm or deny the report, which was car­ried by the Ital­ian dai­ly news­pa­per La Repub­bli­ca.

The paper said the pope had tak­en the deci­sion on 17 Decem­ber that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier com­piled by three car­di­nals del­e­gated to look into the so-called “Vatileaks” affair.

Last May Pope Benedict’s but­ler, Pao­lo Gabriele, was arrest­ed and charged with hav­ing stolen and leaked papal cor­re­spon­dence that depict­ed the Vat­i­can as a seething hotbed of intrigue and infight­ing.

Accord­ing to La Repub­blica, the dossier com­pris­ing “two vol­umes of almost 300 pages – bound in red” had been con­signed to a safe in the papal apart­ments and would be deliv­ered to the pope’s suc­ces­sor upon his elec­tion.

The news­pa­per said the car­di­nals described a num­ber of fac­tions, includ­ing one whose mem­bers were “unit­ed by sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion”.

In an appar­ent quo­ta­tion from the report, La Repub­blica said some Vat­i­can offi­cials had been sub­ject to “exter­nal influ­ence” from lay­men with whom they had links of a “world­ly nature”. The paper said this was a clear ref­er­ence to black­mail. . . .

“Did a Secret Vat­i­can Report on Gay Sex and Black­mail Bring Down the Pope?” by Alexan­der Abad-San­tos; The Atlantic Wire; 2/22/2013. [8]

EXCERPT: Pope Bene­dict XVI has claimed that he’s resign­ing the papa­cy next week because of old age. But accord­ing to the major Ital­ian news­pa­per La Repub­blica, the real rea­son he resigned is because he did not want to deal the reper­cus­sions of a secret 300-page Vat­i­can dossier that alleged­ly found, among oth­er things, an under­ground net­work of high-rank­ing gay cler­gy, com­plete with sex par­ties and shady deal­ings with the already scan­dal-rid­den Vat­i­can bank. Here’s what we know:

- The report sounds men­ac­ing. Accord­ing to La Repub­blica, the dossier comes in two vol­umes, “two fold­ers hard-bound in red” with the head­er “pon­tif­i­cal secret.”

- Pope Bene­dict asked for the inves­ti­ga­tion. “The paper said the pope had tak­en the deci­sion on 17 Decem­ber that he was going to resign — the day he received a dossier com­piled by three car­di­nals del­e­gated to look into the so-called ‘Vatileaks’ affair,” accord­ing to the The Guardian’s trans­la­tion of the report.

- The Vat­i­can has a Vel­vet Mafia — and the Vel­vet Mafia is being black­mailed. The dossier alleges that a gay lob­by exists with­in the Church, and has some sort of con­trol on the careers of those in the Vat­i­can. The dossier also alleges that this group isn’t as covert as it thinks — and got black­mailed by peo­ple on the out­side.