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What Was This Guy Doing at Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras’ Party?

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COMMENT; In FTR #888, we doc­u­ment­ed Glenn Green­wald’s years-long (pre-“journalist”) career of run­ning pro-bono legal inter­fer­ence for Nazi killers and the lead­er­less resis­tance strat­e­gy. In that pro­gram, we not­ed that Nazi hacker/troll Andrew Aueren­heimer aka “Weev” (pic­tured at right) was a guest at Green­wald and Lau­ra Poitras’ par­ty cel­e­brat­ing their accep­tance of the pres­ti­gious Polk Award.

We now learn that Aueren­heimer is the archi­tect of the Dai­ly Stormer web­site, one of the lead­ing Nazi/White Suprema­cist blogs.

NB: The ProP­ub­li­ca arti­cle for­got one ‘e” in Aueren­heimer’s name. We have tak­en the lib­er­ty of cor­rect­ing that error.

“How One Major Inter­net Com­pa­ny Helps Serve Up Hate on the Inter­net” by Ken Schwenke; ProP­ub­li­ca; 5/4/2017.

. . . . And, by The Dai­ly Stormer’s account, advice and assur­ances. In a post, the site’s archi­tect, Andrew Aueren­heimer, said he had per­son­al rela­tion­ships with peo­ple at Cloud­flare, and they had assured him the com­pa­ny would work to pro­tect the site in a vari­ety of ways — includ­ing by not turn­ing over data to Euro­pean courts. Cloud­flare has data cen­ters in Euro­pean coun­tries such as Ger­many, which have strict hate speech and pri­va­cy laws.

Com­pa­ny offi­cials offered dif­fer­ing respons­es when asked about Auerenheimer’s post. Kramer, Cloudflare’s gen­er­al coun­sel, said he had no knowl­edge of employ­ee con­ver­sa­tions with Aueren­heimer. Lat­er, in an email, the com­pa­ny said Aueren­heimer was a well-known hack­er, and that as a result at least one senior com­pa­ny offi­cial “has chat­ted with him on occa­sion and has spo­ken to him about Cloudflare’s posi­tion on not cen­sor­ing the inter­net.”

A for­mer Cloud­flare employ­ee, Ryan Lack­ey, said in an inter­view that while he doesn’t con­done a lot of what Aueren­heimer does, he did on occa­sion give tech­ni­cal advice as a friend and helped some of the Stormer’s issues get resolved. . . .


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