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What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

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The three tramps and offi­cers.

COMMENT: Mr. Emory began his polit­i­cal broad­cast­ing odyssey research­ing the assas­si­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Kennedy. There are many broad­casts span­ning decades on that sub­ject.

With so much atten­tion focused on polic­ing and the meth­ods there­of, it is inter­est­ing to ana­lyze one of the most dis­cussed aspects of the imme­di­ate Dealey Plaza crime scene.

(We will not delve into the over­all sce­nario, as that is total­ly beyond the scope of a sin­gle post.)

Short­ly after the killing, three “tran­sients” were tak­en into cus­tody by the Dal­las Police (or indi­vid­u­als dressed like Dal­las cops). The three were appre­hend­ed behind the grassy knoll, from which at least one shot is believed to have orig­i­nat­ed.

There has been much spec­u­la­tion about who they actu­al­ly were. We sus­pect that–whoever they actu­al­ly were–they were involved with the assas­si­na­tion in some respect. We will not parse the spec­u­la­tion and pos­si­ble iden­ti­ties of the sus­pects here.

What is strik­ing is the casu­al demeanor of the arrest­ing offi­cers and the fact that none of the sus­pects were hand­cuffed!

These men were appre­hend­ed in the con­text of the mur­der of the Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States! Look at the offi­cers. A casu­al observ­er unaware of the con­text of the events would nev­er guess the grav­i­ty of the sit­u­a­tion.

In addi­tion, the “Dal­las police­men” are tak­ing the sus­pects to the Sher­if­f’s Office, which is extra­or­di­nar­i­ly unusu­al.

It is known at this point that there were assas­si­na­tion par­tic­i­pants pos­ing as a vari­ety of offi­cials, Fed­er­al and local, in Dealey Plaza.

No hand­cuffs for “perps” of such poten­tial grav­i­ty and impor­tance?! It makes no sense! 

Just imag­ine what these pic­tures would look like if the “three tramps” were African-Amer­i­can “tran­sients”!


One comment for “What’s Wrong With These Pictures?”

  1. Pur­port­ed­ly, when inter­viewed by film his­to­ri­an, biog­ra­ph­er, screen­writer, author and edu­ca­tor Joseph McBride, Dal­las Police Depart­ment homi­cide detec­tive James Robert Leavelle (the man hand­cuffed to Lee Har­vey Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby) said the action of Pres­i­dent Kennedy’s mur­der was “...no dif­fer­ent than a South Dal­las nig­ger killing...it was just anoth­er mur­der inside the city lim­its of Dallas...I’ve han­dled hun­dreds of them...”

    To describe the mur­der of the Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca, at the height of the “Cold War” no less, as a no more impor­tant that a “...South Dal­las nig­ger killing...” speaks vol­umes as to how emo­tion­al­ly deranged and social­ly regres­sive the Dal­las Police Depart­ment was in 1963.

    Ulti­mate­ly, it also speaks to how eugen­ics-mind­ed the mil­i­tary-intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty was in 1963, for the police forces in Texas were the home to the Cen­tral Intel­li­gence Agen­cy’s joint-USAID “Inter­na­tion­al Coop­er­a­tion Admin­is­tra­tion, Office of Pub­lic Safe­ty” Inter­na­tion­al Police Acad­e­my!

    In fact, all of the Oper­a­tion GLAD­IO-esque com­man­do demo­li­tion schools from 1954 to 1975, were based at the U.S. Bor­der Patrol acad­e­my in Los Fres­nos, Texas in which select­ed can­di­dates (typ­i­cal­ly from world’s most noto­ri­ous for­eign police units — Chile’s “DINA”, Iran’s “SAVAK”, South Africa’s “BOSS” or South Kore­a’s “KCIA”) could receive train­ing from CIA offi­cers, in the con­struc­tion of bombs and incen­di­ary devices to be used against lib­er­al pop­u­la­tion cen­ters.

    Even the “Defense Lan­guage Insti­tute” Viet­namese lan­guage acad­e­my (that taught the Aus­troasi­at­ic lan­guages spo­ken in Viet­nam to CIA per­son­nel) were all based in Fort Worth, Texas!

    Major intel­li­gence activ­i­ty was tak­ing place in one of the most racist areas of the Unit­ed States dur­ing the “Cold War”...

    Posted by Robert Ward Montenegro | September 17, 2020, 3:06 pm

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