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Updating JFK, RFK Assassination Investigations

Amer­i­ca’s polit­i­cal assas­si­na­tions con­tin­ue to loom large over our polit­i­cal land­scape. A recent New York Times obit­u­ary touched on Daniel Bur­ros, the Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty mem­ber whose name, address and phone num­ber were in sup­posed “left­ist” Lee Har­vey Oswald’s address book. “Fam­i­ly of Secrets” author Russ Bak­er informs us that Sirhan Sirhan’s first attor­ney Grant Coop­er was under indict­ment with pos­si­ble JFK co-con­spir­a­tor John Rosel­li when he rep­re­sent­ed RFK’s accused assas­sin.

Days of Future Passed, Part 2: JFK, RFK Assassinations and the Tate/La Bianca Killings

Con­tem­po­rary jour­nal­ists and most his­to­ri­ans have over­looked links between the assas­si­na­tions of the Kennedy broth­ers (as well as links between their killings and oth­er mur­ders). Liai­son offi­cer between the CIA and the House Select Com­mit­tee on Assas­si­na­tions, George Joan­nides had served as the Agen­cy’s liai­son to the anti-Cas­tro Cuban mil­i­tant groups, some of which are imli­cat­ed in JFK’s assas­si­na­tion. Joan­nides nev­er told the com­mit­tee about his work with the Cubans. Joan­nides was also present at the Ambas­sador Hotel in Los Ange­les when RFK was shot.

RFK Jr: JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy

We’ve pro­duced much pro­gram­ming and post­ing over the years on the assas­si­na­tions of JFK, RFK and Mar­tin Luther King. All of these killings are con­nect­ed and, togeth­er, com­prise the sys­tem­at­ic elim­i­na­tion of viable pro­gres­sive lead­er­ship in this coun­try. Stat­ing the obvi­ous, Robert F. Kennedy’s kids RFK jr. and Rory have stat­ed that Pres­i­dent Kennedy was not assas­si­nat­ed by a lone nut. We’ve not seen any state­ments by Kennedy fam­i­ly mem­bers about the assas­si­na­tion of Robert Kennedy. That case is head­ing back into court. The inves­ti­ga­tion of Robert Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion yields evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries lead­ing in the direc­tion of his broth­er’s killing, Dr. King’s assas­si­na­tion and the shoot­ing of George Wal­lace.

The Death of Robert Kennedy: 40 Years After Assassination, Questions Persist

Were 13 shots fired? Was a secu­ri­ty guard involved? Who wore the pol­ka dot dress? by Michael Tay­lor San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle The assas­si­na­tion was over in a few sec­onds. In the pho­to­graph of that moment, Bob­by Kennedy, his eyes open and glazed, lies on his back on a hotel pantry floor, his head cra­dled by […]

The Guns of November G‑2: The Assassination

The cov­er-up of the killing, the degra­da­tion of judi­cial, jour­nal­is­tic, mil­i­tary, eco­nom­ic and intel­li­gence estab­lish­ments result­ing from Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion.

AFA 8: The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Offi­cial­ly pinned on James Earl Ray, the killing of Dr. Mar­tin Luther King, Jr. was actu­al­ly the result of a large con­spir­a­cy of pow­er­ful inter­ests.

AFA 9: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Foren­sic evi­dence points con­clu­sive­ly to more than one gun­man being involved in the mur­der of Robert F. Kennedy.

FTR #486 Looking Back at the Kennedy Assassination

Record­ed Novem­ber 21, 2004 REALAUDIO In obser­vance of the 41st anniver­sary of Pres­i­dent Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion, this pro­gram notes that it is pri­mar­i­ly the media that per­pet­u­ate the pre­pos­ter­ous fic­tion of Lee Har­vey Oswald the “lone nut” assas­sin. The War­ren Report (issued forty years ago) was con­struct­ed pri­mar­i­ly to save the U.S. from severe polit­i­cal embar­rass­ment. […]

FTR #288 Update on the JFK Assassination

British foren­sic sci­en­tif­ic study proves what seri­ous inves­ti­ga­tors have long known — there was a fourth (fatal) shot from the grassy knoll.

FTR #246 Update on America’s Political Assassinations

Polit­i­cal assas­si­na­tions’ effect on Amer­i­can soci­ety, over­lap­ping coun­try’s his­to­ry over the last sev­er­al decades.

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