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Drugs, Oil and War

The Unit­ed States in Afghanistan, Colom­bia and Indochi­na

by Peter Dale Scott
2003, Lan­ham, Row­man & Lit­tle­field
ISBN 0742525228
248 pages, illus­trat­ed.

Author’s Descrip­tion
Drugs, Oil and War explores the under­ly­ing fac­tors that have engen­dered a US strat­e­gy of indi­rect inter­ven­tion in Third World coun­tries through alliance with drug-traf­fick­ing prox­ies. This strat­e­gy was orig­i­nal­ly evolved in the late 1940s for the con­tain­ment of Com­mu­nist Chi­na; it has been resort­ed to since to secure con­trol over for­eign petro­le­um resources. The result has been a stag­ger­ing increase in the glob­al drug traf­fic and the mafias asso­ci­at­ed with it, a prob­lem that will wors­en until there is a change in pol­i­cy. The book traces also some of the process­es by which some of these covert inter­ven­tions have esca­lat­ed into war, and how present strate­gies to sup­port the US dol­lar have come to depend on US dom­i­na­tion of the glob­al oil econ­o­my.

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