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IBM and the Holocaust

The Strate­gic Alliance Between Nazi Ger­many and Amer­i­ca’s Most Pow­er­ful Cor­po­ra­tion
by Edwin Black
2002, Three Rivers Press
ISBN 0–6098-0899–0
560 pages.

Pub­lish­er Com­ments:
Pub­lished to extra­or­di­nary praise, this provoca­tive inter­na­tion­al best­seller details the sto­ry of IBM’s strate­gic alliance with Nazi Ger­many. IBM and the Holo­caust pro­vides a chill­ing inves­ti­ga­tion into cor­po­rate com­plic­i­ty, and the atroc­i­ties wit­nessed raise star­tling ques­tions that throw IBM’s wartime ethics into seri­ous doubt. Edwin Black’s mon­u­men­tal research expos­es how IBM and its sub­sidiaries helped cre­ate enabling tech­nolo­gies for the Nazis, step-by-step, from the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and cat­a­loging pro­grams of the 1930s to the selec­tions of the 1940s. With a new after­word, the pub­lish­ing event of last year is cer­tain to gen­er­ate even more con­tro­ver­sy.

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