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Lost History

Con­tras, Cocaine, The Press & Project Truth
by Robert Par­ry
1999, Media Con­sor­tium
ISBN 1893517004
305 pages.

From ConsortiumNews.com:
How did the vaunt­ed Water­gate press corps of the ‘70s become the Mon­i­ca Lewin­sky press corps of the ’90s?
What’s real and what’s not about cocaine traf­fick­ing by Pres­i­dent Reagan’s Nicaraguan con­tras?
What hap­pened to hon­est reporters when they tried to tell the Amer­i­can peo­ple what was tru­ly going on?
Did the CIA over­see a secret plan in the 1980s to manip­u­late pub­lic opin­ion, so-called Project Truth?

The answers are part of Lost His­to­ry.

Avail­able com­mer­cial­ly. Find out more about Robert Par­ry.


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