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The Big Wedding

9/11, the Whis­tle Blow­ers, and the Cov­er-up

by Sander Hicks
2005, Vox Pop [Cher­ry Red]
ISBN 0–9752-7631‑X
180 pages.

9/11 ush­ered in an era of per­ma­nent war, rule-by-fear, ille­gal tor­ture, and indef­i­nite detentions—all jus­ti­fied by an attack that the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion claimed was a com­plete sur­prise. But as pub­lish­er of the crit­i­cal Bush biog­ra­phy For­tu­nate Son, Sander Hicks had a unique posi­tion from which to cast a hard look at the offi­cial sto­ry around the attacks. With orig­i­nal research and inter­views, his new book, The Big Wed­ding: 9/11, the Whis­tle-Blow­ers and the Cov­er-Up, pro­vides a new lev­el of proof that Bush’s advi­sors had detailed fore­knowl­edge of 9/11. The Big Wed­ding exam­ines the CIA’s con­trol­ling, client rela­tion­ship with Pak­istani intel­li­gence, who had close, doc­u­ment­ed, under-report­ed links to the 9/11 ter­ror­ists. In Big Wed­ding, Hicks hits the road and in Flori­da, finds FBI whis­tle-blow­er Randy Glass, who doc­u­ments how the FBI was warned by Pak­istani intel­li­gence three years before the attacks.

With the cumu­la­tive pow­er of his orig­i­nal research into the neo-cons, the Bush fam­i­ly, the CIA, and Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, Hicks con­cludes: it’s impos­si­ble that the White House did not have detailed fore­knowl­edge of 9/11. The ascen­dant neo-con­ser­v­a­tive agen­da, under the lead­er­ship of Vice Pres­i­dent Cheney and Sec­re­tary Rums­feld, used Arab rage to solid­i­fy the U.S. stran­gle­hold on the plan­et.

Hicks hands in star­tling rev­e­la­tions from gov­ern­ment whistle­blow­ers and top researchers, includ­ing laud­ed FBI Whistle­blow­er Coleen Row­ley, ATF Agent Steve Bar­bori­ni, Mohamed Atta expert Daniel Hop­sick­er, CIA asset Brad Ayers, and Naval intel­li­gence vet­er­an (and col­or­ful con-man) Del­mart Vree­land.

“Imag­ine Hen­ry Rollins meets the young Bob Woodward—a clean-cut, hard-as-nails punk with the report­ing chops to take on an empire. Hicks is out to do noth­ing less than expose the plan­et’s most insid­i­ous nexus: the jihadists, bankers, mer­ce­nar­ies, drug deal­ers, and so-called lead­ers who are cur­rent­ly pan­tomim­ing their way through a cha­rade they’ve dubbed the ‘war on ter­ror.’” —From the Fore­word by Antho­ny Lap­pé, (True Lies)

From Daniel Hop­sick­er
In a field filled with “arm­chair adven­tur­ers” with implau­si­ble sce­nar­ios seem­ing­ly designed to make the gov­ern­men­t’s own sto­ry seem more like the truth, Sander hicks is one of only a few writ­ers on 9.11 who is not afraid to go out and “com­mitt jour­nal­ism.”

He not only does a great job in describ­ing our find­ings about Atta in Flori­da (in Wel­come to Ter­ror­land) but breaks new ground with dis­cov­er­ies which have unques­tion­able relevence to the truth about 9/11: for exam­ple, that ter­ror flight school own­er Arne Kruithof’s past includes car­go flights in a DC‑8 in and out of South Amer­i­ca. And his inter­view with randy glass is thought pro­vok­ing, to say the least, and pro­vides some much-need­ed con­text in the search for answers to the larg­er ques­tions posed by 9.11.

THIS BOOK IS IN PRINT. Avail­able com­mer­cial­ly. Learn more about Sander Hicks.


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