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The Plot to Seize the White House

by Jules Archer
New ed. 2007, Sky­horse Pub­lish­ing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1602390363
ISBN-13: 978–1602390362
256 pages, illus­trat­ed.

Pub­lish­er’s descrip­tion

Most peo­ple will be shocked to learn that in 1933 a cabal of wealthy industrialists—in league with groups like the K.K.K. and the Amer­i­can Lib­er­ty League—planned to over­throw the U.S. gov­ern­ment in a fas­cist coup. Their plan was to turn dis­con­tent­ed vet­er­ans into Amer­i­can “brown shirts,” depose F.D.R., and stop the New Deal. Their plot was foiled only because the man they had hoped to become their Amer­i­can Caesar—Medal of Hon­or recip­i­ent and Marine Major Gen­er­al Smed­ley Dar­ling­ton Butler—turned out to be a true patri­ot and revealed the plot to jour­nal­ists and to Con­gress. In a time when a sit­ting Pres­i­dent has invoked nation­al secu­ri­ty to cir­cum­vent con­sti­tu­tion­al checks and bal­ances, this near­ly-for­got­ten episode puts the spot­light on attacks upon our democ­ra­cy and the indi­vid­ual courage need­ed to repel them.

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Born in New York City, Jules Archer is a grad­u­ate of City Col­lege of New York. Dur­ing World War II he served four years in the Pacif­ic with the Army Air Corps and was also a free­lance cor­re­spon­dent by order of Gen­er­al MacArthur. He is the author of many books on polit­i­cal events and per­son­al­i­ties, includ­ing Mao Tse-tung, The Dic­ta­tors, Hawks, Doves and the Eagle, The Extrem­ists, and Chou En-lai.

THIS BOOK IS IN PRINT. 2007 edi­tion avail­able from skyhorsepublishing.com and Amazon.com.


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