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Welcome to TerrorLand

Mohamed Atta & the 9–11 Cov­er-Up in Flori­da
by Daniel Hop­sick­er
2004, Trine Day
ISBN 0970659164
400 pages.

From MadCowPress.com:
Wel­come to Ter­ror­Land is the sto­ry of Mohamed Atta, a black-heart­ed psy­chopath, in Flori­da, a pirate’s par­adise.

Fear­less inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ist and doc­u­men­tary film pro­duc­er Daniel Hop­sick­er jour­neyed to Venice, FL., the biggest Sep­tem­ber 11 crime scene that was­n’t reduced to rub­ble, and spent over a year in the sleepy retire­ment com­mu­ni­ty where author­i­ties say three of the four ter­ror­ist pilots learned to fly.

Based on hun­dreds of inter­views with eye­wit­ness­es and par­tic­i­pants, Wel­come to Ter­ror­Land details the shock­ing results of Hop­sick­er’s year-long inves­ti­ga­tion, and names more than a half-dozen indi­vid­u­als Atta went to meet­ings with while in Flori­da.

All are liv­ing. None are Sau­di. You’ll meet peo­ple who knew Atta, worked with him, flew with him. They say things like:

“After going to meet­ings with his Ger­man friends, Mohamed always came back glum.”

“I can’t real­ly dis­cuss any­thing. I’m afraid I’ll get in trou­ble. The FBI warned me not to talk.”

“They loaded two Ryder trucks right out­side, then drove the trucks right onto a C‑130 mil­i­tary car­go plane at Sara­so­ta Air­port which flew out with Jeb Bush aboard.”

The book answers ques­tions like: Did nine­teen Arab ter­ror­ists from desert king­doms roam the Gulf Coast of Flori­da as eas­i­ly as if they’d been lis­ten­ing to Tom Pet­ty albums all their lives? Or were they being trained here in a still-secret covert intel­li­gence oper­a­tion... [con­tin­ue read­ing orig­i­nal]

Avail­able com­mer­cial­ly from MadCowPress.com.


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