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McGraw Family (Owners of S & P) are Longtime Intimates of the Bush Family

McGraw fam­i­ly long­time Bush allies. Watch S & P, owned by McGraw fam­i­ly, do what ben­e­fits GOP, Bush Fam­i­ly, Under­ground Reich. S & P’s 2011 down­grad­ing of U.S. debt rat­ing was open pol­i­tick­ing.

Truth in Advertising: GOP Candidate Dresses in Waffen SS Uniform

Com­ment: GOP Con­gres­sion­al can­di­date Rich Iott of Ohio has been fly­ing col­ors that demon­strate the true nature of the Repub­li­can par­ty. A favorite of the Tea Par­ties, Iott for years par­tic­i­pat­ed in “reen­act­ments” of bat­tles of the Fifth Waf­fen SS divi­sion (Viking). (Iott is sec­ond from right in this pho­to.) As not­ed in numer­ous broad­casts, […]

FTR #716 Interview (#6) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Decades of Bush fam­i­ly intrigue cul­mi­nates in Dubya’s eight year deba­cle; dis­as­ters over­tak­ing the US are the inevitable out­growth of Bush’s cor­po­ratist phi­los­o­phy and cor­rupt admin­is­tra­tive prac­tice.

FTR #714 Interview (#4) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Nixon’s removal from White House was an intel­li­gence coup, not a “reaf­fir­ma­tion of democ­ra­cy”; Pop­py Bush cen­tral­ly involved in his removal; Nixon angered some of the same inter­ests as JFK and was removed by the same team.

FTR #713 Interview (#3) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

With JFK safe­ly out of the way, Pop­py Bush safe­guards the inter­ests that killed him; elect­ed to Con­gress, Pop­py lands a plum com­mit­tee posi­tion, cour­tesy of his father; strings pulled to get Dubya into a Nation­al Guard posi­tion; Dubya goes AWOL.

FTR #712 Interview (#2) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

George H.W. Bush appar­ent­ly deeply involved with JFK assas­si­na­tion; in Dal­las at the time, he’s nev­er sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly account­ed for his activ­i­ties; he was very close to Dal­las pow­er polit­i­cal ele­ments that removed Kennedy (many of them appar­ent­ly CIA); Pop­py’s attempts at cov­er­ing his tracks sug­gest cul­pa­bil­i­ty in the mur­der.

FTR #711 Interview (#1) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Bush fam­i­ly’s his­to­ry and for­tunes pro­found­ly linked to Wall Street, the petro­le­um indus­try and the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty; “Pop­py” Bush’s Zap­a­ta Petro­le­um an appar­ent intel­li­gence front; Pop­py appar­ent­ly deeply involved with the JFK assas­si­na­tion.

“Family of Secrets”: A VERY Important New Book

Com­ment: Jour­nal­ist Russ Bak­er has writ­ten a land­mark vol­ume about the deep polit­i­cal his­to­ry of the Bush fam­i­ly, George H.W. (“Pop­py”) Bush in par­tic­u­lar. Fam­i­ly of Secrets (Blooms­bury Press [SC]; Copy­right 2009 by Russ Bak­er) is a must for seri­ous stu­dents of the real­i­ties of con­tem­po­rary pow­er struc­ture. Painstak­ing­ly trac­ing evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries  run­ning through decades […]

FTR #704 Interview with John Loftus

Ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry Rob­ber Barons embraced total­i­tar­i­an sys­tems; “Good for Busi­ness”; fas­cism, the Axis pow­ers, World War II, and 9/11 result from this; Oba­ma gov­ern­ing from the cen­ter and tak­ing heat for it.

FTR #688 Darkness in the Vaults

Glob­al finan­cial sys­tem pred­i­cat­ed on tril­lions of dol­lars in wealth stolen by the Axis in WWII; “vic­to­ri­ous” allies shared in the spoils; the rule of law is total­ly dis­card­ed in order to pre­serve the sta­tus quo and the secre­cy that sur­rounds it.