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How Did George W. Bush Spend the Campaign?

Although he has done so out of the lime­light, George W. Bush has stayed true to form. Dubya made speech­es in the Cay­man Islands, instruct­ing atten­dees at his talk on how to invest out­side the Unit­ed States. At least Bush is con­sis­tent. He worked against the best eco­nom­ic and polit­i­cal inter­ests of the Unit­ed States and con­tin­ues to do so. One can but won­der what tips he may have got­ten from Mitt Rom­ney in this regard, or vice ver­sa.

Roads To Riches

by Emi­ly Thorn­tonBUSINESS WEEK Why investors are clam­or­ing to take over Amer­i­ca’s high­ways, bridges, and airports—and why the pub­lic should be ner­vous Steve Hogan was in a bind. The exec­u­tive direc­tor of Col­orado’s North­west Park­way Pub­lic High­way Author­i­ty had run up $416 mil­lion in debt to build the 10-mile toll road between north Den­ver and […]

Naming Names: The Bin Laden Galaxy

by Jean-Charles Bris­ard Jean-Charles Bris­ard explores the rela­tion­ships between the Bin Laden fam­i­ly and friends and Osama. The inter­con­nec­tion between these enti­ties is fright­en­ing. This book was banned for pub­lish­ing for three years until a Euro­pean court recent­ly over­ruled that motion, which was ini­ti­at­ed by the Bin Laden Fam­i­ly. from the orig­i­nal text: Ben Laden: […]

Family ties; The Bin Ladens

by Neil MacK­ay THE SUNDAY HERALD THERE isn’t a doubt in the mind of Ara­bel­la War­bur­ton. “The bin Laden fam­i­ly are thor­ough­ly good peo­ple,” she says. “They’ve cas­ti­gat­ed Osama bin Laden. They’ve dis­tanced them­selves from him and they’ve issued state­ments con­demn­ing the attacks on Amer­i­ca. It’s just unfair to cast doubt on them. It’s guilt […]