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Henry Kissinger, BND Elements and Third Reich Veterans Contemplated the Overthrow Willy Brandt’s Government

Over the years, we’ve pre­sent­ed the pro­found, decades-long net­work­ing of both Richard Nixon and Hen­ry Kissinger with Third Reich alum­ni, many of them war crim­i­nals of the first order. Nixon helped to ini­ti­ate and sus­tain the Nazi ele­ment of the GOP. Now we learn that Kissinger active­ly con­spired with Third Reich vet­er­ans and Ger­man aris­to­crats to estab­lish the ground­work for the over­throw of the Ger­man gov­ern­ment of for­mer chan­cel­lor Willy Brandt. Pre­vi­ous­ly, Kissinger was recruit­ed by Allen Dulles to help incor­po­rate Nazis into the CIA’s fledg­ling para­mil­i­tary cadre to be used against the USSR. One of Kissinger’s co-con­spir­a­tors was Hans Globke, author of the Nurem­berg laws, which pro­vid­ed the basis for the Nazi exter­mi­na­tion pro­grams.

“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part 2: A Kindler, Gentler T‑4 Program

Oba­ma’s polit­i­cal fate may well be deter­mined in Europe by Ger­many. In Ger­man press, Rom­ney cam­paign pro­mot­ing Merkel’s eco­nom­ic doc­trine in oppo­si­tion to Oba­ma. Will Rom­ney be empow­ered to do the U.S. what “aus­ter­i­ty” has done to much of Europe?

German Joins Inner-Most Mormon Circle

Deutsche WelleFol­low­ing the recent death of the Mor­mon’s spir­i­tu­al leader, a Ger­man pilot has joined the high­est lead­er­ship of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat­ter-day Saints by becom­ing one of two coun­selors to the new Mor­mon head. Dieter Ucht­dor­f’s appear­ance does­n’t imme­di­ate­ly hint at any­thing unusu­al. This 64-year old, who worked as chief pilot […]

German arms dealer extends scope of favor charges

OTTAWA (REUTERS) — An arms deal­er want­ed on fraud charges in Ger­many Thurs­day sought to draw the gov­ern­ment into a polit­i­cal storm over cash pay­ments to a for­mer prime min­is­ter, say­ing a request to Prime Min­is­ter Stephen Harp­er to help him avoid extra­di­tion was “well received.” Ger­­man-Cana­di­an busi­ness­man Karl­heinz Schreiber told a par­lia­men­tary com­mit­tee that […]

Strategies of Attrition (II)

GermanForeignPolicy.com [See also Strate­gies of Attri­tion (I) and Strate­gies of Attri­tion (III).] BEIJING/LHASA/BERLIN(Own report) — Ger­man politi­cians have announced an esca­la­tion of the chan­cel­lor’s Tibet offen­sive. Accord­ing to com­ments made by the Prime Min­is­ter of Hesse, Roland Koch (CDU), Angela Merkel’s meet­ing with the Dalai Lama is only the begin­ning of large scale inter­fer­ence into […]

Strategies of Attrition (I)

GermanForeignPolicy.com[See also Strate­gies of Attri­tion (II) and Strate­gies of Attri­tion (III).] BEIJING/LHASA/BERLIN(Own report) — The Ger­man chan­cel­lor is rein­forc­ing Berlin’s spe­cial rela­tion­ships to Chi­nese sep­a­ratists, in spite of Bei­jing’s mas­sive protests. The Dalai Lama had talks in the Ger­man Chan­cellery, for the first time, Sun­day, Sept. 23. He is the leader of a self-pro­­claimed Tibetan […]

The Ordering of a Superstate

GermanForeignPolicy.com BERLIN/MAGDEBURG(Own report) — The medieval, Europe-wide Ger­man Reich is a valid mod­el for the union of Euro­pean coun­tries today. So says the Berlin State Min­is­ter for Cul­ture, Bernd Neu­mann. Accord­ing to him, the mem­o­ry of the Holy Roman Empire of the Ger­man Nation reveals “an inner his­tor­i­cal con­sis­ten­cy” with the found­ing and steady expan­sion […]

How Bush’s Berlin Ambassador Pick Profited from Protective Tariffs against German Companies

by Georg Mas­co­lo and Juer­gen Dahlkam­pDer Spiegel Wash­ing­ton’s choice for future US ambas­sador to Ger­many has all the mak­ings of a polit­i­cal bomb­shell. For years, a com­pa­ny owned by the mul­ti­mil­lion­aire and new­­ly-appoint­ed diplo­mat William Timken, Jr. has been prof­it­ing from anti­com­pet­i­tive tar­iffs — at the direct expense of Ger­man com­pa­nies. As Wash­ing­ton’s new ambas­sador […]

FTR #469 The Schmitzes: Republican Family Values

The life, times, and off­spring of for­mer Rep­re­sen­ta­tive John G. Schmitz.

FTR #411 The Bayer Facts: I.G. Farben and the Politics of Murder

His­to­ry of I.G. Far­ben and Bay­er, Ger­many’s top chem­i­cal and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal firms, respon­si­ble for Hitler’s war pro­duc­tion and drugs that have done great dam­age to human­i­ty.