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FTR #314 Update on European Union and the European Monetary Union

The EU and Euro­pean Mon­e­tary Unit in the con­text of impe­r­i­al pan-Ger­man­ism.

FTR #278 Connecting the Dots Part 2

In the plan­ning for the Bor­mann group, a Nazi offi­cial stressed that the Ger­man indus­tri­al­ists must con­tin­ue to fund the Par­ty, under­ground.

FTR #276 Update on the CDU Funding Scandal

T‑Mobile’s advance into U.S. mobile mar­ket fig­ures promi­nent­ly in Ger­man cor­po­rate con­trol over Amer­i­can media.

FTR #275 Cuddling and Munching (Food For Thought): Update on German Corporate Control in America

Ger­man cor­po­rate influ­ence and own­er­ship of “opin­ion-form­ing media.”

FTR #267 Update on Euro-Fascism

The re-emer­gence of fas­cist move­ments in Euro­pean coun­tries.

FTR #245 Deutsche Telekom Uber Alles — Update on German Corporate Control Over American Media

The Bor­mann Orga­ni­za­tion has main­tained effec­tive, clan­des­tine con­trol of Ger­man cor­po­rate expan­sion since World War II.

Germany and the Kosovo

How Ger­many paved the way to the Koso­vo War by Matthias Küntzel Con­tri­bu­tion to the 2nd Inter­na­tion­al Hear­ing of the Euro­pean Tri­bunal con­cern­ing Nato’s war against Yugoslavia. Ham­burg, April 16, 2000 [1] In 1991, a del­e­ga­tion of the Ger­man Bun­destag vis­it­ed Koso­vo for the first time in order to talk with Koso­vo Alban­ian nation­al­ist lead­ers. […]

FTR #193 The German CDU Funding Scandal

Lis­ten: One seg­ment After gar­ner­ing great domes­tic and inter­na­tion­al pres­tige dur­ing his long tenure in office, for­mer Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Hel­mut Kohl is the focal point of a huge (and grow­ing) group of inter­lock­ing finan­cial scan­dals. These scan­dals have irrev­o­ca­bly taint­ed Kohl’s polit­i­cal image and that of the par­ty he led, the CDU. This broad­cast high­lights […]

FTR #169 Meet the New Fuhrer, Same as the Old Fuhrer: Update on Germany

“New image” for Ger­many. In 1999, cap­i­tal moved from Bonn to Berlin, Goethe’s 250th birth­day cel­e­brat­ed as cul­tur­al renew­al, “cen­ter-left” gov­ern­men­t’s third mil­i­tary incur­sion into the Balka­ns in 20th cen­tu­ry.

FTR #139 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Begin­ning with a shock­ing account for how Con­gress reject­ed the Fourth Amend­ment to the Con­sti­tu­tion, this pro­gram intro­duces and updates a num­ber of dif­fer­ent sto­ries.