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FTR #745 WikiFascism, Part 2

Wik­iLeaks’ res­i­dent fas­cist Jermas/Shamir piv­otal­ly involved with estab­lish­ing Wik­iLeaks in Swe­den; Julian Assange a com­pul­sive Jew-baiter with a Dar­win­ian, eugen­ics phi­los­o­phy. Enlist­ing a mys­te­ri­ous “nan­ny” to run impor­tant func­tions for Wik­iLeaks, Assange may well be part of the San­tikine­tan Park cult.

FTR #724 Wiki of the Damned

Wik­iLeaks king­pin Assange appears con­nect­ed to pow­er­ful mind-con­trol cult; Aus­tralian intel­li­gence involved with the cult? Mem­bers die their hair blonde, have mul­ti­ple iden­ti­ties, pass­ports, birth­dates. Pos­si­ble Third Posi­tion ori­en­ta­tion of the group.

FTR #643 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Long-stand­ing effort by neo-fas­cists to acquire “spe­cial­ized knowl­edge and abil­i­ties,” mil­i­tary, law-enforce­ment and espi­onage pro­fi­cien­cy; UFO devices devel­oped by humans, not space aliens.

FTR #639 The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming: NOT! (Part II)

The report­ed pres­ence of mil­i­tary air­craft around the “UFO’s” sight­ed recent­ly in Texas; review of the opin­ion that ET’s are real and that we may find our­selves in an inter­galac­tic war– expressed by the for­mer head of the British Min­istry of Defense’s UFO inves­tiga­tive body!

Repost: FTR #69 Even MORE Fun With Science: Earthquake Weaponry

Unit­ed States and USSR researched the manip­u­la­tion of nat­ur­al dis­as­ters, includ­ing earth­quakes, as weapons of mass destruc­tion.

FTR #633 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Mus­lim Broth­er­hood-Al-Taqwa link to Berlus­coni; Eliot Spitzer scan­dal viewed in com­par­i­son to Pal­frey mur­der case; pan-Turk­ist move­ment link to shoot­ing of the pope.

Cult leader: George Bush agreed to drink our “Holy Wine.”

From YouTube.com Michael Jenk­ins, U.S. leader of the Uni­fi­ca­tion Church (the “Moonies”) claims to have per­suad­ed George H.W. Bush to drink Holy Wine, dur­ing a vis­it to the pres­i­den­tial library at Texas A&M in 2007. Holy Wine is the com­mu­nion juice of the Moonies, sym­bol­iz­ing the blood and body of the Rev­erend Moon, Jenk­in­s’s mas­ter. […]

Bush’s Younger Brother Visits Paraguay

by Pedro Serv­inAP ASUNCION, Par­guay (AP) — Neil Bush, younger broth­er of U.S. Pres­i­dent George W. Bush, called on Paraguay’s pres­i­dent as the guest of a busi­ness fed­er­a­tion found­ed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. A pres­i­den­tial press office source, who spoke on con­di­tion of not being named, con­firmed the younger Bush met Pres­i­dent Nicanor […]

The Cancer From Within

by David Antoon TruthDig “I will sup­port and defend the Con­sti­tu­tion of the Unit­ed States against all ene­mies, for­eign and domes­tic. ...” —Oath of Office “Our mis­sion is to edu­cate, train, and inspire men and women to become offi­cers of char­ac­ter moti­vat­ed to lead the Unit­ed States Air Force in ser­vice to our nation.” —Air […]

Banned Islamicist Expert’s Lecture on ‘Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic Antisemitism in the Middle East’

Ger­man aca­d­e­m­ic, Dr. Matthias Kuentzel’s, lec­ture, giv­en to an audi­ence of well over one hun­dred peo­ple tonight at Leeds Uni­ver­si­ty. Accord­ing to the organ­is­ers it met with a great deal of acclaim and evoked con­cern about the espousal by much of the British Left of Islam­ic fas­cist ten­den­cies — the lega­cy of Hitler and Nazism […]