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FTR #555 Conversation with Daniel Hopsicker: My Way is the Skyway

Flesh­ing out the sto­ry of ‘Sky­way,’ one of the many cor­po­rate fronts mask­ing own­er­ship of a DC9 air­craft, dubbed “Cocaine One” by Hop­sick­er. The pro­gram spends much time ana­lyz­ing the orga­nized dis­in­for­ma­tion oper­a­tion and “psy-op” pop­u­lar­ly known as the “9/11 Truth” move­ment.

FTR #529 Nazi Roots and Fascist Flowers

Fas­cist ele­ments orig­i­nat­ing in the peri­od pri­or to, dur­ing and after the Sec­ond World War evolved and branched out dur­ing the Cold War. The fas­cism they man­i­fest­ed is blos­som­ing in a num­ber of dif­fer­ent ways and places.

FTR #475 Pryor Offenses

The polit­i­cal land­scape of the Bush­es, and the lega­cy of their ances­tors, deeply involved with the forces of inter­na­tion­al fas­cism.

FTR #451 Petals from the Golden Lily

Record­ed March 21, 2004 Lis­ten: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAu­dio Pur­su­ing the sub­ject of the fab­u­lous amount of wealth stolen by the Japan­ese dur­ing World War II under Gold­en Lily (the for­mal name of the Japan­ese loot­ing pro­gram), this broad­cast sup­ple­ments dis­cus­sion pre­sent­ed in oth­er ‘For The Record’ pro­grams. Hav­ing secret­ed over $100-bil­lion […]

FTR #448 The Coup Attempt of 1934

Lib­er­ty League at the core of the 1934 coup plot; Dou­glas MacArthur’s role in assist­ing the plot­ters; Gen­er­al Smed­ley But­ler betrayed the plot; media sup­pressed accu­rate reportage.

FTR #412 The Engineer Intends To Wreck The Train

” . . . the Bush administration’s rever­sal of Clin­ton poli­cies that would have increased eco­nom­ic trans­paren­cy and reduced the use of off­shore finan­cial safe­havens. . . .”

FTR #224 Update on German Corporate Control of American Publishing

Lis­ten: MP3 One Seg­ment Con­tin­u­ing a line of inves­ti­ga­tion that Mr. Emory feels is as impor­tant (or more impor­tant) than any work he has ever done, this pro­gram begins with a re-broad­­­cast of an excerpt from FTR-218. Dis­cussing Bol.com’s IPO, this excerpt high­lights the pre­dic­tion by the head of the com­pa­ny that it will soon […]

FTR #177 Update on German Corporate Control of American Publishing

Lis­ten: One seg­ment In a sup­ple­ment to a body of work that Mr. Emory believes to be as inci­sive and impor­tant as any he has done, this broad­cast flesh­es out alarm­ing indi­ca­tions that Ger­man cor­po­ra­tions con­trol­ling Amer­i­can pub­lish­ing are mov­ing in the direc­tion of ful­fill­ing a Nazi agen­da. Like all major Ger­man cor­po­ra­tions, the Ber­tels­mann […]

FTR #36 Tribute to George Seldes

George Seldes, America’s pre­mier inves­tiga­tive reporter.