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FTR #753 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook: Overview

Eddie the Friendly Spook Snowden’s “disclosures” aren’t new. His actions only make sense as part of a hostile intelligence operation. Leaking journalist Glenn Greenwald runs legal interference for murderous Nazis. Snowden’s WikiLeaks associates track back to the ultra-right. Snowden inextricably linked with Ron Paul and Paul’s fellow white supremacists. Among those being damaged by Snowden’s actions are Barack Obama. The biggest loser will be U.S. internet economy.

The Spywarepocalypse Cometh. Lock the Backdoor.

With last week’s Snowden-leak that the NSA can break a large amount of the encryption used across the web using a variety of backdoors and secret agreements with manufacturers, there’s now a push in Congress for legal restrictions on the use of these built in backdoors. Whether or not that happens, keep in mind that the custom-made backdoors are always going to be possibly open to any interested parties.