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FTR #753 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook: Overview

Eddie the Friend­ly Spook Snow­den’s “dis­clo­sures” aren’t new. His actions only make sense as part of a hos­tile intel­li­gence oper­a­tion. Leak­ing jour­nal­ist Glenn Green­wald runs legal inter­fer­ence for mur­der­ous Nazis. Snow­den’s Wik­iLeaks asso­ciates track back to the ultra-right. Snow­den inex­tri­ca­bly linked with Ron Paul and Paul’s fel­low white suprema­cists. Among those being dam­aged by Snow­den’s actions are Barack Oba­ma. The biggest los­er will be U.S. inter­net econ­o­my.

The Spywarepocalypse Cometh. Lock the Backdoor.

With last week’s Snow­den-leak that the NSA can break a large amount of the encryp­tion used across the web using a vari­ety of back­doors and secret agree­ments with man­u­fac­tur­ers, there’s now a push in Con­gress for legal restric­tions on the use of these built in back­doors. Whether or not that hap­pens, keep in mind that the cus­tom-made back­doors are always going to be pos­si­bly open to any inter­est­ed par­ties.