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Saudis Funding Islamofascism in Balkans

Com­ment: This is to be seen against the back­ground of the revival of the Han­jar (13th Waf­fen SS) Divi­sion in Bosnia, the growth of the Nazi Bosni­ak Union in that same state, and the res­ur­rec­tion of fas­cist fight­ing for­ma­tions in Koso­vo. “Saud­is Fund Balkan Mus­lims Spread­ing Hate of the West” by Bojan Pancevs­ki; timeson­line; 3/28/2010. […]

FTR #701 Update on Kosovo

Koso­vo emerges as a Ger­man colony; admin­is­tered by pow­er­ful orga­nized crime hench­men, the “inde­pen­dent” coun­try reca­pit­u­lates Nazi eth­nic cleans­ing; NATO, US and EU are com­plic­it.

Nazi Influence in Bosnia

Bosn­ian neo-nazi orga­ni­za­tion was birthed today that insists that Bosnia belongs to the Bosni­aks, an invent­ed nation­al­i­ty with which Bosn­ian Mus­lims iden­ti­fy in order to avoid their reli­gious back­ground when talk­ing to the West­ern press.

FTR #341 Ties That Bind, Part II

Bush busi­ness ties to Bin Laden fam­i­ly; WWII-era Nazis impli­cat­ed in 9/11; Bosn­ian SS Divi­sion revived in 1990s.

FTR #154 German Geopolitics and the Balkan War

The pro­found role played by Ger­many in the breakup of Yugoslavia and the result­ing pre­cip­i­ta­tion of hos­til­i­ties.