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FTR #506 The Road to Lugano, Part II

Peak Oil con­tro­ver­sy and the car­tel agree­ments behind syn­thet­ic fuel.

FTR #479 World War II-Era Lawsuit and the Bush Family

Record­ed Octo­ber 3, 2004 FTR#479 MP3 NB: This stream con­tains both FTR #s 479 and 480 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broad­cast. Revis­it­ing a sub­ject well known to vet­er­an lis­ten­ers, this pro­gram exam­ines more research into the Bush family’s links to Nazi indus­try. In par­tic­u­lar, recent dis­clo­sures have led to a law­suit by […]

FTR #475 Pryor Offenses

The polit­i­cal land­scape of the Bush­es, and the lega­cy of their ances­tors, deeply involved with the forces of inter­na­tion­al fas­cism.

FTR #448 The Coup Attempt of 1934

Lib­er­ty League at the core of the 1934 coup plot; Dou­glas MacArthur’s role in assist­ing the plot­ters; Gen­er­al Smed­ley But­ler betrayed the plot; media sup­pressed accu­rate reportage.

FTR #446 Funds and Games

Record­ed Feb­ru­ary 14, 2004 Lis­ten: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAu­dio High­light­ing the post­war use of Axis trea­sure recov­ered by the Allies after World War II, this pro­gram talks about these Funds and the Games that were played with (and because of) them. Par­tic­u­lar empha­sis is on the post­war use of the mas­sive amount […]

FTR #445 The Bush Family & the Intelligence Community

Kevin Phillips’ book ‘Amer­i­can Dynasty.’

FTR #309 The Ties that Bind

Sig­nif­i­cant over­lap­ping of polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic pow­ers with­in the milieu of inter­na­tion­al fas­cism.

FTR #248 Bushed: The Political Heritage of George W.

The polit­i­cal her­itage to which George W. is heir. The Bush fam­i­ly has a long, exten­sive, influ­en­tial, and large­ly sin­is­ter his­to­ry.

FTR #128 Interview V with Dr. Nick Begich

Lis­ten: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 This pro­gram con­cludes a series of inter­views with Dr. Nick Begich, the author (along with Jeane Man­ning) of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP: Advances in Tes­la Tech­nol­o­gy (soft-cov­­er edi­tion, Earth­pulse Press, copy­right 1995.) Termed “a rev­o­lu­tion in mil­i­tary affairs,” this tech­nol­o­gy offers a num­ber of dif­fer­ent and, in […]