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The New Anti-Semitism

by Vic­tor Davis Han­son Hat­ing Jews, on racial as well as reli­gious grounds, is as old as the Roman destruc­tion of the Sec­ond Tem­ple in Jerusalem. Lat­er in Europe, pogroms and the Holo­caust were the nat­ur­al devo­lu­tion of that ele­men­tal ven­om. Anti-Semi­­tism, after World War II, often avoid­ed the burn­ing cross­es and Nazi rant­i­ng. It […]

FTR #568 The Life and Times of Hasan Cengic

This pro­gram high­lights polit­i­cal and his­tor­i­cal con­ti­nu­ity between Mus­lim Waf­fen SS for­ma­tions of the past and present(!), as well as rela­tion­ships between Al Qae­da, Balkan Islam­ic fas­cists and the polit­i­cal descen­dants of those Third Reich com­bat­ants.

FTR #567 The Socialism of Fools

Malfea­sance by the petro­le­um indus­try and its asso­ci­at­ed polit­i­cal ele­ments have suc­cess­ful­ly focused debate and crit­i­cism of unfold­ing dynam­ics on the Mid­dle East on “Israel,” rather than their own actions and poli­cies.

FTR #566 Middle East Matrix — It Ain’t Necessarily So

Cov­er­age of the 2006 Lebanon war fea­tured crude pho­to­graph­ic forg­eries of alleged Israeli atroc­i­ties, which received wide dis­tri­b­u­tion and lit­tle crit­i­cal exam­i­na­tion.

FTR #565 Middle East Matrix

Fac­tu­al exis­tence of Islam­ic fas­cism, in con­trast to George W. Bush’s use of the term.

Why did Berkeley paper run anti-Jewish column?

by Chip John­sonSAN FRANCSCO CHRONICLE The fall­out from an opin­ion piece pub­lished in Berke­ley’s twice-week­­ly com­mu­ni­ty news­pa­per has mush­roomed well beyond the con­fines of the nation’s first des­ig­nat­ed Nuclear-Free Zone. And while it is not unusu­al for the Berke­ley Dai­ly Plan­et’s exec­u­tive edi­tor and own­er Becky O’Mal­ley to pub­lish con­tro­ver­sial, far-flung opin­ion pieces and wacko […]

Pronouncing Blame on the Israel Lobby

by Dana Mil­bankWASHINGTON POST It was quite a bon­er. Uni­ver­si­ty of Chica­go polit­i­cal sci­en­tist John Mearsheimer was in town yes­ter­day to elab­o­rate on his view that Amer­i­can Jew­ish groups are respon­si­ble for the war in Iraq, the destruc­tion of Lebanon’s infra­struc­ture and many oth­er bad things. As evi­dence, he cit­ed the influ­ence pro-Israel groups have […]

FTR #564 Interview with John Loftus

Much of the reportage on the 2006 Israel/Hezbollah war was based on faked footage, gen­er­at­ed by Hezbol­lah allies and, some­times, phys­i­cal­ly con­coct­ed by Hezbol­lah and the Under­ground Reich.

Worry About the West — Not Israel

by Vic­tor Davis Han­son The reac­tions and media cov­er­age com­ing out of the West regard­ing this lat­est war in the Mid­dle East are as bewil­der­ing as they are instruc­tive. Rep. John Din­gell, D‑Mich., for exam­ple, recent­ly said, “I don’t take sides for or against Hezbol­lah or for or against Israel .” Mean­while, the West­ern news […]

Weapons and funding boost Hezbollah’s power

Sarah Chal­lands, CTV.ca News Israel’s efforts to wipe out the capa­bil­i­ties of Hezbol­lah are now focus­ing on the caves and tun­nels of south­ern Lebanon’s sav­age ter­rain and just this week, Israel con­fi­dent­ly claimed it had destroyed half of the Islam­ic mil­i­tant group’s arse­nal. How­ev­er, while Hezbol­lah con­tin­ues to launch rock­ets capa­ble of hit­ting cities deep […]