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FTR #662 Reflections on Islamic Fascism and Media Self-Censorship

The pro­gram con­sists of the read­ing of an impor­tant arti­cle by Christo­pher Hitchens not­ing the chill­ing rip­ple effect of the Aya­tol­lah Khome­ini’s fat­wa against Salman Rushdie.

Repost: FTR #531 Interview with Lucy Komisar about Offshore

Insur­ance giant AIG’s pro­lif­ic use of off­shore scams, cap­tive rein­sur­ance, ille­gal gam­bits and oper­a­tions, aid­ed by high-lev­el gov­’t offi­cials and leg­is­la­tors.

Blueprint for nuclear warhead found on smugglers’ computers

Ex-weapons inspec­tor fears rogue states bought planEncrypt­ed files linked to Pak­istan’s A Q Khan Ian TraynorTHE GUARDIAN Blue­prints for a sophis­ti­cat­ed and com­pact nuclear war­head have been found in the com­put­ers of the world’s most noto­ri­ous nuclear-smug­gling rack­et, accord­ing to a lead­ing US researcher. The dig­i­tal designs, found in heav­i­ly encrypt­ed com­put­er files in Switzer­land, […]

A Major Arms Dealer in Shackles, Delivered to New York

by Alan FeuerNYT Man­hat­tan on a Fri­day after­noon: down­town along the East Riv­er, where the sun was flash­ing bright­ly and a lazy week­end called. Women strolled through the South Street Sea­port in their sum­mer dress­es; tourists went on round-the-island heli­copter tours. It was close enough to Wall Street to almost feel the bro­kers get­ting ready […]

FTR #634 Update on September 11 and Related Matters

Abu Dhabi’s stake in Amer­i­can Micro Devices; Holo­caust denial in Pales­tine and offi­cial Egypt­ian gov­ern­ment pub­li­ca­tions; Nazi ide­ol­o­gy Mohammed Atta.

Jihad and Jew-Hatred

Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11

China reveals Iran’s nuclear secrets to UN

by Damien McEl­roy THE TELEGRAPH Chi­na has betrayed one its clos­est allies by pro­vid­ing the Unit­ed Nations with intel­li­gence on Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear tech­nol­o­gy, diplo­mats have revealed. Con­cern over Tehran’s secre­tive research pro­gramme has increased in recent weeks after offi­cials at the Inter­na­tion­al Atom­ic Ener­gy Agency (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear watch­dog, dis­cov­ered that […]

FTR #625 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Behind-the-scenes machi­na­tions of Prince Ban­dar of Sau­di Arabia—the for­mer Sau­di ambas­sador to the Unit­ed States.

FTR #622 More about the Nazi Origins of Islamic Fascism

Record­ed Jan­u­ary 27, 2008 MP3: Side 1 | Side 2 REALAUDIO Flesh­ing out the grow­ing For The Record archives about Islam­ic fas­cism, this pro­gram sets forth the explic­it­ly Nazi ori­gins of the vir­u­lent anti-Semi­­tism dom­i­nat­ing much of the Islam­ic world. Although the Koran pro­vides a foun­da­tion for Mus­lim anti-Semi­­tism, the notion of Jews as a […]

Top intelligence official revives Iran doubts

by Demetri Sev­astop­u­lo in Wash­ing­tonFINANCIAL TIMES The senior US intel­li­gence offi­cial on Tues­day stressed that a recent report on Iran had con­clud­ed that Tehran had halt­ed only one part of its alleged nuclear weapons pro­gramme. Admi­ral Michael McConnell, direc­tor of nation­al intel­li­gence, said the Novem­ber nation­al intel­li­gence esti­mate had con­clud­ed that Tehran had ceased only […]