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FTR #709 Update on Euro Fascism

Euro fas­cists suc­cess­ful­ly using “new media” to spread their views; Hun­gary man­i­fest­ing the fas­cist her­itage of the Arrow Cross; fas­cist LaRouche orga­ni­za­tion linked to mur­der of a young Briton; Swedish inter­net patron has Nazi past.

FTR #707 Update on Euro Fascism

Euro­pean fas­cist move­ments dat­ing to World War II are fash­ion­able again; Swe­den is home to vir­u­lent fas­cists, evolv­ing from Per Eng­dahl’s 1930’s orga­ni­za­tion; Was inves­tiga­tive author Stieg Lars­son mur­dered?

Suffer the Little Children . . .

Neo-Nazi Nation­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty will be allowed to dis­trib­ute CDs out­side schools with inter­views and music by par­ty mem­bers because author­i­ties have no legal grounds to stop them.

German Cabinet Ministers Tied to “Neo” Nazi Party

“Fra­ter­ni­ty Broth­ers: Ques­tion­able Pol­ish Bor­ders”; www.german-foreign-policy.com; 1/19/2010. “The Ger­man Min­is­ter of Trans­porta­tion, Peter Ram­sauer (CSU) is mem­ber of a stu­dent fra­ter­ni­ty that has ties to cir­cles of the right extrem­ist Nation­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty of Ger­many — NPD. The umbrel­la fra­ter­ni­ty “Deutsche Burschen­schaft,” (DB) not only has Min­is­ter Ram­sauer as a mem­ber, but also two NPD […]

FTR #681 Specialized Knowledge and Abilities, Part II

Nazis and fas­cist infil­trat­ing the mil­i­tary, express­ing their intent to use their com­bat skills to over­throw the gov­ern­ment; Nation­al Alliance pub­li­ca­tion “Ser­pen­t’s Walk” antic­i­pates this tac­tic.

FTR #677 Update on Global Fascism

The old SS giv­ing rise to new fas­cism in Aus­tria and Ger­many; Mus­solin­i’s heirs move into the Ital­ian main­stream; Con­ti­nu­ity of for­eign pol­i­cy between the “new” Ger­many and the Third Reich.

FTR #669 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Euro-fas­cism receives a blow with the death of clos­et-gay Jurg Haider; Ger­man neo-Nazi NPD reveals fund­ing from Old Nazis in Latin Amer­i­ca; Updates on AIDS and Nixon’s 1968 trea­son.

Hitler, Mussolini and the Ikhwan: The Fascist History, Associations and Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Broth­er­hood is best under­stood as part of “the fas­cist inter­na­tion­al,” before, dur­ing and after World War II. It has allied with Ger­man and Ital­ian fas­cists from WWII to the present.

FTR #663 Badjacketing Obama, Part III

Mus­lim Broth­er­hood staffs “mod­er­ate” Mus­lim out­reach to Oba­ma; GOP pre­dicts ter­ror­ism.

FTR #395 Tangled Webs: Deep Politics, Para-Politics, and Proxy War in the Middle East

Deep polit­i­cal maneu­ver­ing in rela­tion to the con­flict in Iraq.