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FTR #805 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

As our title indi­cates, this pro­gram brings a num­ber of paths of inquiry up to date, as well as high­light­ing some new points of inter­est. Begin­ning with the onslaught of ISIS–The Islam­ic State of Syr­ia and Iraq–the broad­cast sets forth infor­ma­tion gen­er­al­ly ignored in media cov­er­age of the event. Chief of Sau­di intel­li­gence Prince Bandar–nicknamed “Ban­dar Bush” for his close rela­tion­ship to the Bush family–may well have been the dri­ving force behind the Iraqi and Syr­i­an Sun­ni jihadists com­pris­ing ISIS. Per­haps that occa­sioned Ban­dar’s recent replace­ment as head of Sau­di intel­li­gence. Much of the pro­gram focus­es on the for­ma­tion of lethal right-wing mil­i­tary for­ma­tions in both the Unit­ed States and Ger­many. The recent stand­off between Cliv­en Bundy’s para­mil­i­tary sup­port­ers and fed­er­al agents por­tends a more expand­ed and dead­ly mili­tia and neo-seces­sion­ist land­scape. The Bundyites did not oper­ate in a vac­u­um, with ide­o­log­i­cal and jour­nal­is­tic sup­port from the GOP and its amen cho­rus in the media. A clan­des­tine army in ear­ly 1950’s Ger­many com­posed of Wehrma­cht and Waf­fen SS vet­er­ans enjoyed the sup­port of the Ade­nau­r­er gov­ern­ment and the Gehlen-dom­i­nat­ed BND. It was net­worked with the SS–still clear­ly active in the 1950’s.

BND in 1950’s: “We Should Sound Out Opinions There [in The SS] Before Making a Decision”

A recent piece in Der Spiegel dis­cuss­es what we are told was an “under­ground army” com­posed of Third Reich Wehrma­cht and SS vet­er­ans. Close­ly linked with the Gehlen “Org,” the clan­des­tine army had the approval of the Ger­man gov­ern­ment, worked with the Bun­deswehr gen­er­al staff, appeared to receive secret fund­ing from the U.S. and uti­lized the ser­vices of ODESSA king­pin Otto Sko­rzeny [right]. BND offi­cers over­see­ing the group advised that the SS should be con­sult­ed [present tense] about the oper­a­tion.

FTR #795 Fascism, Hindu Nationalism and Narendra Modi

Prime Min­is­ter-elect Naren­dra Modi, with a polit­i­cal back­ground in a Hin­du nation­al­ist par­ty with strong fas­cist roots, is now in charge of the world’s sec­ond largest coun­try and the world’s largest democ­ra­cy. Naren­dra Modi belonged to the RSS, an orga­ni­za­tion with an his­tor­i­cal affin­i­ty for Nazism and fas­cism. Cap­i­tal­iz­ing on anti-Mus­lim fer­vor in India, RSS has gen­er­at­ed much grav­i­tas. Modi has been impli­cat­ed in com­plic­i­ty in lethal anti-Mus­lim riot­ing in India. In addi­tion to anti-colo­nial sen­ti­ment that pit­ted Indi­an nation­al­ists against the British Raj pri­or to World War II, Nazism and Hin­du phi­los­o­phy also found com­mon ground in ele­ments of “Aryan” mys­ti­cism. Many ele­ments of the Brah­min caste also found affin­i­ty with the elit­ist and anti-demo­c­ra­t­ic phi­los­o­phy of Mus­solin­i’s fas­cism as well.

FTR #791 They May Not Know Art, but They Know What They Like

Explor­ing past and present, this pro­gram exam­ines a detailed, schol­ar­ly work­ing hypoth­e­sis by authors Simon Dun­stan and Ger­rard Williams con­cern­ing the pos­si­ble escape of Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II. The authors posit that the key play­ers in the real­iza­tion of Aktion Feurland–the code-name for the oper­a­tion facil­i­tat­ing Hitler’s escape–were Allen Dulles on the Allied side and Mar­tin Bor­mann for the Third Reich. Cen­tered on a quid pro quo arrange­ment, the authors hypoth­e­size that Aktion Feur­land involved the trans­fer of Nazi tech­nol­o­gy to the U.S. and the West (known as Project Paper­clip) and the sav­ing of price­less works of art from destruc­tion. The ‘dis­cov­ery” of a huge cache of Nazi-loot­ed art in Munich in late 2013 is exam­ined against the back­ground of this alleged quid pro quo.

The Great Mail Train Robbery, Ronald Biggs and the Underground Reich

The recent deaths of two of the rob­bers from Britain’s Great Mail Train Rob­bery call to mind an impor­tant part of that crime that has been obscured. In FTR #83, we not­ed the alleged role of SS com­man­do-chief and ODESSA oper­a­tive Otto Sko­rzeny in the Great Mail Train Rob­bery, as it has been known. (Recent­ly deceased rob­ber Ronald Big­gs is seen above, at right.)

Luxembourg Prime Minister Resigns: Luxembourg Gladio Veteran Involved in Bugging Scandal

For decades, we’ve spo­ken of “The Strat­e­gy of Ten­sion,” over­lap­ping the NATO Oper­a­tion Stay Behind (known as Glad­io in Italy.) The Prime Min­is­ter of Lux­em­bourg was forced to resign because of a scan­dal in which the coun­try’s intel­li­gence chief–now head of secu­ri­ty for Siemens–participated in Gladio/Stay Behind. Lux­em­bourg’s bank­ing sec­tor is very large, to the dis­may of Ger­many, which has been called “hege­mon­ic” by Lux­em­bourg cab­i­net min­is­ters.

Ratzinger’s Vatican Benefactor

Before becom­ing Pope, Josef Ratzinger had a Vat­i­can pedi­gree reveal­ing him to be close­ly linked to the Vatican/Nazi escape and assis­tance orga­ni­za­tions. One of Ratzinger’s bene­fac­tors dur­ing his rise through the Vat­i­can ranks was Car­di­nal Josef Frings of Cologne, who worked close­ly with the post­war SS infra­struc­ture to deflect pun­ish­ment for con­vict­ed war crim­i­nals. The course of Ratzinger’s papa­cy, par­tic­u­lar­ly his actions short­ly after announc­ing his res­ig­na­tion, is con­sis­tent with the career vec­tor he estab­lished with Frings.

Iranian/Hezbollah Terror Team Allegedly Arrested in Argentina: Descendants of WWII Nazis Involved in Plot?

Were the descen­dants of World War II Nazis liv­ing in Argenti­na involved with the AMIA bomb­ing?

Is Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency Protecting neo-Nazis?

Sup­pos­ed­ly mon­i­tor­ing neo-Nazis, Ger­many’s domes­tic intel­li­gence ser­vice appears to be pro­tect­ing their killers instead.

Heinrich Himmler’s Daughter STILL Actively Aiding Nazi War Criminals

Com­ment: Among the orga­ni­za­tions aid­ing the escape and sup­port of Nazi war crim­i­nals is Stille Hil­fe (“Silent Help”). Head­ed by Hein­rich Himm­ler’s Daughter–Gudrun Burwitz–the orga­ni­za­tion con­tin­ues to func­tion. Among the sup­port­ers of the orga­ni­za­tion were Car­di­nal Frings, a Catholic prelate who had much to do with the rise of Joseph Ratzinger to be Pope. The […]