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Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x

Next Ener­gy News Amer­i­ca is sit­ting on top of a super mas­sive 200 bil­lion bar­rel Oil Field that could poten­tial­ly make Amer­i­ca Ener­gy Inde­pen­dent and until now has large­ly gone unno­ticed. Thanks to new tech­nol­o­gy the Bakken For­ma­tion in North Dako­ta could boost America’s Oil reserves by an incred­i­ble 10 times, giv­ing west­ern economies the […]

Peak oil era will be hard on Hawaii

by Man­fred Zap­ka and Jim DatorStar-Bul­letin Edi­tor’s note: In the next decade or two, a glob­al ener­gy cri­sis will be thrust upon us; the changes it brings will be felt first in Hawaii, pos­si­bly with a more dev­as­tat­ing effect here than in the rest of the world. Hawaii must begin prepa­ra­tions now to cush­ion the […]

FTR #570 Interview with Daniel Hopsicker

One of Mohamed Atta’s Ger­man asso­ciates in South Flori­da, Wolf­gang Bohringer was mov­ing to open a flight school on a Pacif­ic Island. Was this for train­ing ter­ror­ists or oth­er mis­cre­ants of the air?

FTR #555 Conversation with Daniel Hopsicker: My Way is the Skyway

Flesh­ing out the sto­ry of ‘Sky­way,’ one of the many cor­po­rate fronts mask­ing own­er­ship of a DC9 air­craft, dubbed “Cocaine One” by Hop­sick­er. The pro­gram spends much time ana­lyz­ing the orga­nized dis­in­for­ma­tion oper­a­tion and “psy-op” pop­u­lar­ly known as the “9/11 Truth” move­ment.

FTR #552 Update on “The Formula” and the Standard‑I.G. Agreement of 1929

Hydro­gena­tion process, core of the Standard/I.G. Agree­ment of 1929 emerg­ing again as a com­mer­cial­ly viable process for the man­u­fac­ture of motor fuel.

FTR #544 Return of the Standard‑I.G. Agreement of 1929

The Stan­dard Oil of New Jer­sey (Rock­e­feller) — I.G. Far­ben Agree­ment of 1929 pro­vid­ed Nazi Ger­many with much of its fuel in World War II.

FTR #534 Peak Oil, Fascism, and Genocide

Fascis­tic, geno­ci­dal under­bel­ly of the Peak Oil doc­trine.

FTR #510 Deadly Echoes—I Told You So, Part II

Com­par­ing rumi­na­tions in 2000 on the prob­a­ble results of a George W. Bush pres­i­den­cy with the out­come of his first four-plus years in office.

FTR #507 Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Gate

Net­work of bogus uni­ver­si­ties run by mil­i­tary and intel­li­gence ele­ments.

FTR #506 The Road to Lugano, Part II

Peak Oil con­tro­ver­sy and the car­tel agree­ments behind syn­thet­ic fuel.