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Krugmenistan vs Trumplandia: Backflipping into a Depression

In this return to Krug­menistan we’re going to return at a top­ic every­one loves: Fed­er­al Reserve inter­est rate poli­cies. Yay! If that sounds bor­ing, note that we’re specif­i­cal­ly going to exam­ine Don­ald Trump’s plans for the Fed­er­al Reserve so it’s guar­an­teed to be crazy. And omi­nous. Does that sound bor­ing? How about plans to inten­tion­al­ly col­lapse the econ­o­my for no dis­cernible rea­son. Does that sound bor­ing? No, this is Don­ald Trump’s poli­cies we’re talk­ing about. It’s any­thing but bor­ing. Or sane.