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FTR #821 Continuity of Government, the JFK Assassination and Covert Operations

Ana­lyz­ing the role of net­works orig­i­nal­ly set up to per­pet­u­ate and sus­tain gov­ern­ment in the event of nuclear war, this pro­gram high­lights the role of Con­ti­nu­ity of Gov­ern­ment (COG) ele­ments in a num­ber of domes­tic and/or ille­gal covert oper­a­tions. With its own com­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work, the COG has proved an effec­tive vehi­cle for side­step­ping nor­mal oper­a­tional chan­nels in order to real­ize nefar­i­ous aims. The COG-relat­ed net­works and indi­vid­u­als have fig­ured promi­nent­ly in aspects of the JFK assas­si­na­tion, Water­gate, the Octo­ber Sur­prise, the Iran-Con­tra scan­dal and events pur­suant to the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney and Don­ald Rums­feld are two of the promi­nent fig­ures in the COG net­works and have been present in the Nixon/Ford, Reagan/Bush, Clin­ton and George W. Bush admin­is­tra­tions.

Who Headed the IRS while this So-Called “Scandal” Was Taking Place?

The Wash­ing­ton cir­cus is in full swing! The IRS was head­ed by a Bush appointee dur­ing the time peri­od in which the scruti­ny of the Tea Par­ty was tak­ing place! GOP admin­is­tra­tions, includ­ing that of George W. Bush, have a proven track record of engag­ing in this kind of activ­i­ty.

Billie Sol Estes Checks Out; Rest in Peace, Gaeton Fonzi

Mr. Emory’s polit­i­cal odyssey began with inves­ti­ga­tion of the assas­si­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Kennedy. We note the pass­ing of two peo­ple who link to the milieu sur­round­ing the inves­ti­ga­tion. Gae­ton Fonzi was a dogged inves­ti­ga­tor for the House Select Com­mit­tee on Assas­si­na­tions. One of many crooked asso­ciates of LBJ, Bil­lie Sol Estes was the focal point of some very “inter­est­ing” inves­ti­ga­tions him­self.

18 1/2 Minute Gap in Watergate Tape to Remain Mystery

Once thought to be recov­er­able, 18 1/2 minute gap in Water­gate tape now appears inde­ci­pher­able. Infor­ma­tion might have revealed much about Watergate/JFK assas­si­na­tion links.

FTR #743 Interview (#8) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column–the media that should inform us deceive on behalf of those they should expose; Insti­tu­tion­al­ized pow­er dimin­ish­es the pub­lic­i­ty for “Fam­i­ly of Secrets.” The Inter­net allows cit­i­zens to fight back.

FTR #730 Interview with Russ Baker (Author of “Family of Secrets”)

Break­ing jour­nal­is­tic taboos about the JFK assas­si­na­tion, Russ Bak­er por­trays the real­i­ty of Amer­i­can pow­er pol­i­tics, as exem­pli­fied by the Bush fam­i­ly’s use of covert action to manip­u­late the Unit­ed States and its cit­i­zens.

FTR #715 Interview (#5) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Pop­py Bush tabbed by Ger­ald Ford to head CIA as Kennedy assas­si­na­tion inves­ti­ga­tions pro­ceed; Dick Cheney, Don­ald Rums­feld, Karl Rove and Paul Wol­fowitz launch their careers cour­tesy of Pop­py and Ger­ald Ford in same time peri­od.

FTR #714 Interview (#4) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Nixon’s removal from White House was an intel­li­gence coup, not a “reaf­fir­ma­tion of democ­ra­cy”; Pop­py Bush cen­tral­ly involved in his removal; Nixon angered some of the same inter­ests as JFK and was removed by the same team.

FTR #711 Interview (#1) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Bush fam­i­ly’s his­to­ry and for­tunes pro­found­ly linked to Wall Street, the petro­le­um indus­try and the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty; “Pop­py” Bush’s Zap­a­ta Petro­le­um an appar­ent intel­li­gence front; Pop­py appar­ent­ly deeply involved with the JFK assas­si­na­tion.

“Family of Secrets”: A VERY Important New Book

Com­ment: Jour­nal­ist Russ Bak­er has writ­ten a land­mark vol­ume about the deep polit­i­cal his­to­ry of the Bush fam­i­ly, George H.W. (“Pop­py”) Bush in par­tic­u­lar. Fam­i­ly of Secrets (Blooms­bury Press [SC]; Copy­right 2009 by Russ Bak­er) is a must for seri­ous stu­dents of the real­i­ties of con­tem­po­rary pow­er struc­ture. Painstak­ing­ly trac­ing evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries  run­ning through decades […]